4 Ways to Integrate E-learning into your Company’s Training Program


Mohit Kamboj

Employees are the most significant assets of any business. They make or break it. Most companies acknowledge this and invest heavily in human capital to unleash their full potential. Employees working at full potential will skyrocket their company’s growth and double its profits. Companies design various induction and training programs for their employees to attain this. Recently, eLearning has become the most frequently used technology to provide such pieces of training. Thanks to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness, it has also become popular among employees.

If you’re new to this platform or looking to upgrade your training programs, here are some ways to integrate eLearning:

  1. Microlearning

As the term suggests, microlearning is learning in small chunks. Suppose you want to provide a module on the know-how of a specific system upgrade. So, instead of sharing the whole module in a single go, you can break it into chunks of knowledge and upload them individually on an eLearning platform. These chunks generally cover a single sub-topic and are very specific. They can be sent on a daily or weekly basis. This is an effective way of training as employees can take sufficient time to understand a particular concept and ponder on it. Since it is planned based on the attention span of employees, the retention of such information will also be high. A good retention rate would mean better quality and better-qualified employees.

  1. Use LMS

LMS is a learning management system that is similar to a virtual classroom. It provides a platform for the instructors and trainees to interact. The instructor can upload multiple sources of materials that the trainees can easily access. Different assessments can be made during the training using this platform to measure the trainee’s performance. There is a live learning experience with the instructors available on the platform to clarify doubts and questions. Since there is interaction, this is an efficient way to engage the employees during the training process. They can also be monitored simultaneously, like in a regular training session.

  1. Gamification

Most of today’s employees are millennials, and what better induction and training module for them than a gamified one? You can integrate eLearning by creating scoreboards for tasks and targets to create healthy competition between the employees. Healthy competition pushes each employee to maximize their potential. It is also important for the employees to assess themselves and know their strengths and weaknesses. During the training phase, including some gamified team-building sessions would be more effective than the usual ones. It will help keep the training program exciting and actively engage the employees for a better learning experience.

  1. Video modules

Pre-recorded sessions and lectures comprise the video modules. Such modules can be uploaded on an eLearning platform with ease. Once uploaded, they can be accessed from anywhere and at any time at the employee’s convenience. They can even play the video multiple times to make complete sense of what has been conveyed. These are extremely useful in cases where illustrative video modules are uploaded for software use. Employees can fully utilize it to learn it in a step-wise manner. Video modules are the most helpful tools for employees for their training.


With the advent of a digitalized world, it becomes a necessity for companies to integrate appropriate eLearning platforms to train their employees and evaluate them. There are numerous ways it benefits your training programs. Using platforms like Thought Industries, you can also implement external training programs. So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your journey to incorporate eLearning into your company’s training program and avail of its benefits to enrich your employee assets and accelerate the company’s growth!