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Watch Dogs Legion : Updates On Release Date, Plot, Everything To Know


David Mudd

Get ready to witness the third part of the Watch Dogs series. Watch Dogs Legion is going to be released in no time now. You can await the third part will full enthusiasm since the game is packed with all that you’ll want. The game, like its previous parts, will be based on a fictional city inspired by a real significant city.

Since the previous games were based in San Francisco and Chicago, you can expect a similar city to feast your eyes as the game goes on. This time, you’ll be in a lake in London. It will feature the London after Brexit, according to inventive chief Clint Hocking.

What’s New?

As opposed to the previous games in the series, the Legion version has a new outlook. In this part, every character in the game is a potential hero. This is done to instill motivation in you and to help you view the game differently. So, every player will have their own set of attributes and abilities.

That being said, you can use them before bouncing into some other individual from your growing resistance movement. In the series of the official statements that are released regarding the game, the makers are pretty excited about its release. They are confident about how the various characters are executed this time.

The Tentative Release Date

Watch Dogs Legion is all set to be released this year. In a previous statement, it was declared to be released near 8th March. But now that it has passed, you can never be too sure. The game is supposedly delayed to have a more advanced time and you can expect it very soon now. You should tune in for the latest updates on its release.

More Updates

The makers have previously notified about the various characters and how they’ll work together. They are hugely impressed by the overall interface of the game and how it will end up. Although the launch is presently postponed, the game is expected to rock the market on its arrival.

Each of the NPCs are very well crafted. The creative director of the game has informed that they will have their back-stories, connections, and skillsets.

Therefore, the game is created will extreme care to detail. The NPCs won’t respond if they bite the dust, so that’s something the players should be careful about as of now.