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Wasteland 3: Release Delayed amidst the Virus outbreak, Know all the Latest Details


David Mudd

It was okay for game developers to work from home when social distancing started. All kinds of workers including Engineers, designers, and promotion workers, everyone did their job remotely. Besides, it all went very well and real until the social distancing and lockdown periods started to increase. The problems started when all social distancing methods elongated to infinity.

The problems including taking care of children, unusual hours of working reduced the productivity of the developers. The closing and moving to the remote working of partnered companies also affected game developers. However, there is never a period that came better than the current situation to launch a game in the world. People are trying games inside their houses and trying to distract the mind from the loneliness.


Wasteland 3 delayed?

Wasteland is a successful science-fiction role-play game. It debuted in the year 1988. The developers of Wasteland 2 announced a sequel for the game in September. Besides, the game was successful and criticized when it first came in 1988. Several awards including adventure game of the year award also came for it.

When it comes to the second game, which is Wasteland 2. High places and deserts of Arizona and Los Angeles used in the game. The new upcoming Wasteland 2 titled Wasteland 3 will also be a role-playing game. It will feature a much deep storyline along with a new dialogue box.

Wasteland 3

However, new reports said before that the third entry of Wasteland will be delayed because of the outbreak of the pandemic. A trailer was already released for the game. After many delays and rescheduling, the game has a release date now. Wasteland 3 is all set to release on August 28, 2020. You can pre-order the game and get the bonuses provided by the company.