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Wasteland 3: How To Check If You Are Eligible For The Closed Beta


David Mudd

The highly anticipated game Wasteland 3 is coming to the gamers shortly. However, to make any game perfect, it needs to be tested regularly by alpha and beta testers. These tests are essential to developing the game according to tho the player’s needs.

Wasteland 3: What Is the Pre-release Beta Event?

Wasteland 3

Almost every video game undergoes a series of tests. It often takes months and years to develop the game and perfect the code. Therefore, there are several alpha and beta testers who play the initial versions of the games and report problems.

These testers test the game continuously. With every test, the feedback then helps to identify existing bugs and problems and rectify them. Therefore, it is essential for game developers to use alpha and beta testing during development.

Wasteland 3 developing team hopes to do the same. It wants to make the game polished, exciting, and as fun, as you would expect. Therefore, they will allow individual buyers early access to the game in order to beta test the game and apply finishing touches before releasing it.

Wasteland 3: Who Has Access To The Beta Test?

Wasteland 3

People who have paid $25 or above for the game will get an e-mail from the developer. This email will have the beta key, which will give them access to the game. The beta key will be redeemed only through the stream. Once the flow is on and the client has the key, they can download the game.

As for the Alpha testers, they will not need a key to access the closed beta. They will be able to access the game once it goes live for the beta testers. However, in case there is a problem with the game, the alpha testers are advised to uninstall and then reinstall the game.

Wasteland 3: What The Participants Need To Do?

The closed beta will go live on March 17, 2020, at 9 am PDT. Once it goes live, the participants are free to explore the game and the beta series. They already know that this is not the final version of the game and therefore they expect that there will be bug and issues in the game.

Wasteland 3

For this, the beta will provide an in-game tab for reporting these issues as well as an online inXile forum. This will help the developers to fine-tune the game according to what the players need and will make the game better.