Was Sacheen Littlefeather a ‘Pretendian’? The Activist’s Sisters Say She Was Not Native American!


Saloni Singh

Sacheen Littlefeather gave a speech at the 1973 Academy Awards pressing the misrepresentation and mistreatment of Native American people by the film assiduity.

But It Has Been Claimed by Her Family That She Misled People About Her Native American Strain.

In an opinion piece published in the San Francisco Chronicle, two women understood to be her sisters told pen Jacqueline Keeler their family wasn’t NativeAmerican.Rosalind Cruz and Trudy Orlandi said their family, who famously declined the 1973 award on behalf of Marlon Brando and failed before this month, had created a fraudulent identity.

 But a number of Native American activists and pens have attacked the column by Ms Keeler, herself a Native American pen who created a list of so- called Pretendians.

One,@carlymbutton, wrote on Twitter” Her desire to weed out Pretendians has led to a violent vendetta against authentically reconnecting Natives who do n’t meet social norms.”

 Another claimed that Ms Keeler gave the sisters” an deficient and inaccurate line”.

Was Sacheen Littlefeather a 'pretendian'? The activist's sisters say she was not Native American

Why the Content of Native Strain Is Complicated?

In a column for Variety, deputy editor for In The Know by Yahoo Laura Clarke wrote the issue was” more complicated” than numerous people suppose.

 The Muscogee/ Cherokee woman said” I do n’t presume to know about her( Littlefeather’s) ethnical connections. What I do know is that she has been a strong voice in the Native community and that she has created space for other Natives to feel empowered in their Indigeneity.

Also, since citizenship conditions vary from lineage to lineage, that connection is her lines ’ call — not mine or anyone additional’s.

” But not only that, what numerous people do n’t understand about Native actuality is that some Natives are n’t enrolled. Some Natives are reconnecting with their lines.

Some Natives do n’t have enough’ Indian blood’ to register because of blood amount minimums. And some Natives have had their lines nearly canceled to the point that organised citizenship records simply do n’t live.”

It wasn’t a secret that Littlefeather had been born Marie Louise Cruz but Ms Cruz and Ms Orlandi said the picture Littlefeather or’ Deb’ as they called her, had painted of her nonage, was fabrication.

 Ms Orlandi told the Chronicle” My father’s father, George, he was the alcoholic. My pater noway drank. My pater noway smoked.”

They told Ms Keeler they hadn’t spoken out preliminarily as they allowed the attention on Sacheen Littlefeather would dissipate and their motive for coming forward now was to restore the verity about their parents.

Was Sacheen Littlefeather a 'pretendian'? The activist's sisters say she was not Native American

 The author of the expose also spoke to Native American activist and Shoshone woman LaNada Warjack, who said despite Littlefeather having suggested she ’d been part of the Alcatraz Island occupation that began in 1969, she “ noway really knew her until the Oscar night ”.

In 1969, further than 70 Native Americans and their sympathizers enthralled Alcatraz Island in San Franscisco Bay for further than 18 months to lay claim to the land that had been, from 1934 to 1963, the point of the Alcatraz captivity.

Sacheen Littlefeather Failed on 2 October. Neither Ms Orlandi or Ms Cruz Were Invited to Her Burial, the Composition Said.

Ms Orlandi said her family had created a fantasy for herself, “ Sacheen didn’t like herself. She did n’t like being Mexican. So, yes, it was better for her that way to play someone differently. ”