Was George Maharis Gay: His Biographer Revealed The Hidden Truth!


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Was George Maharis Gay? Best known for playing the role of Buz Murdock in the first three seasons of the TV series Route 66, George Maharis passed away at age 94. His biographer releases a statement that shook everyone.

Everyone knows that he left the show, Route 66, giving health excuse and He was replaced by Glenn Corbett. The show did run for one more season since he left. Now that her biographer came up with a shocking statement, revealing that George Maharis was gay and thus, he was forced to leave the show. Keep reading to know more.

George Maharis Biography

George Maharis was an American actor, singer and artist. He was best known for portraying Buz Murdock in the first three seasons of the TV series Route 66. Maharis also recorded several pop music albums as well as starred in the TV series The Most Deadly Game. Maharis died at his Beverly Hills home on May 24, 2023, at the age of 94.

George Maharis: A Short Bio Profile

  • Birth Date: September 1, 1928
  • Astoria, New York, U.S.
  • Died: May 24, 2023
  • Aged: 94
  • Profession: Actor, singer, artist
  • Years active: 1953–1993

Was George Maharis Gay

George Maharis: Was He Gay?

The rumors of the late actor Maharis being gay has surfaced all over the world. He has always tried to maintain his s*xuality private and it was shocking for producer of Route 66 when he found out about Maharis was gay.

As we know that Maharis left the show, Route 66 after the third season, gave the reason of his ill health and a contract dispute, but his biographer, Karen Blocher stated it was because the producers got to know that he was gay and wanted him to left the show.


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He was replaced by Glenn Corbett. The show’s producer felt betrayed by the revelation of Maharis being gay and the decided to never work with him again, preferred not to trust Maharis. The show lasted for one more season after Maharis’ exit.

Now that he is no more, it has made curiousity among fans to know more of him. Keep reading to know everything about him.

George Maharis: Early Years

Maharis was born on September 1, 1928, in Astoria, Queens. His parents were Greek immigrants. He went to Flushing High School and served in the United States Marine Corps for 18 months. Maharis studied at the Actors Studio with Sanford Meisner and Lee Strasberg. In addition, he appeared in off-Broadway productions.

George Maharis Career

Maharis played Buz Murdock in the CBS television series Route 66. After appearing in 82 episodes, Maharis left the series, did not complete third season. Maharis also appeared in several films, including Quick, Before It Melts (1964),The Satan Bug and Sylvia (both 1965), A Covenant with Death and The Happening (both 1967), and The Desperados (1969).


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Maharis appeared as criminologist Jonathan Croft in the television series, The Most Deadly Game. The series lasted 13 episodes. He has also made appearance in several television films such as Mission: Impossible, Fantasy Island, Kojak, McMillan and Wife, Police Story, Switch, Barnaby Jones, Cannon, Night Gallery, and The Bionic Woman, as well as Murder, She Wrote in 1990.

Maharis released albums and singles also. His top-40 pop hit included his version of the standard “Teach Me Tonight”.

Was George Maharis Gay

George Maharis Controversies

Even after death, it seems like late he is still after controversies as the rumors of him being gay has circulated all around. Since it has been revealed that he was gay, the news came out to be shock. However, no information regarding his affair with same s*x was found out.


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There are much more controversies when he was alive. Maharis was arrested in the year 1967 on charges of “lewd conduct”. In addition, he was also arrested in 1974 on charges of “s*x perversion” after he used men’s bathrooms as venues to cruise for s*x.

George Maharis Death

Late actor Maharis is no more. He passed away at his Beverly Hills home on May 24, 2023, at the age of 94. After his death several rumors regarding his s*xuality has been out but people still remember him for his work as well.

Talking about the cause of death, The cause of his death was complications from hepatitis as per told by his friend and caretaker Marc Bahan to the Hollywood Reporter.


George Maharis was an American actor, singer and artist. He was best known for playing Buz Murdock in the first three seasons of the TV series Route 66. He passed away on May 24, 2023, at the age of 94. His biographer, Karen Blocher stated he was kicked out of the show as the producers discovered that he was gay.

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