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War of the World Season 2 | Release Date | Cast | And More

War of World instantly reminds us of HG Wells’ groundbreaking storey War of the Worlds and that is what this new series is based on. Writer Howard Overman reimagines the War of the Worlds and the graphical presentation of horror has indeed been a  spine chilling experience for the viewers. War of the World Season 2 will be a must-watch for you!

The only thing the series has in common with Wells’ book is an alien invasion. Overman took complete liberty in describing the details of the aliens as well as the crisis faced by the earthlings. The approach is revolutionary in many ways. 

The following article is about season 2 of War of the Worlds, with a quick recap just for you. 

Plot of War of the World Season 2

The story set is in our time but has two different locations — England and France. The story begins in France when powerful signals of intelligent extraterrestrial presence are discovered by Catherine Durrand for the first time. It happened exactly twelve months after it was first recorded. It is her theory that the aliens have been up there for a whole year studying earth and humans. Brutal and extremely powerful invasion leaves the world dumbfounded. 

The aliens come to earth to wipe it out of its inhabitants. Streets are filled with dead bodies. They discharge powerful Spaceballs emitting electromagnetic waves that fry the human brain within a split second. If you are not inside a metal container or underground, you are fried. 

In the end, it is up to a pocketful of humans and their skill to create a barrier to save themselves from these ruthless psychopathic attackers.

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The Focus of Season 1 

a still from war of the world
War of the World Season 2 will be back with its action and mystery!

The series highlights how we are always looking forward to exploring the spaces and just maybe getting a new ally in the universe. But what if it does not go that way? What if our desperation to find another species leads to our ruction? Can there be any sure prediction that the other species will be friendly toward us? 

Crisis leads to conflicts 

We are always trying to find who we are and nothing tests characters like a crisis.  What would you do when you have a chance to save yourself at the cost of somebody else? What if you have to sacrifice yourself for someone else? How far will you go to save your kind? Most importantly, where do you find hope to go on battling the impending doom? The show presents conflicts and crises in the form of a perfect apocalypse thriller cocktail. 

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Season 1 

a glimpse from war of the world
Featuring a still from War of the World Season 2!

Season 1 was more of a prelude to exactly what we’re dealing with and how things go worse. This season brings some of the main characters together and little ways and tricks survivors can use to deceive and best the Aliens. 

War of the World Season 2

Season 2 focuses on how horrible things got and the humans plan their assault. Previously we simply could not believe how ugly things could get. In addition to having cyborg dogs, these aliens who look like us,  have no remorse. They killed off kids like nothing. This becomes the ultimate straw for Dr Bryne who loses his wife and son. He plans to infect the aliens with a virus. 

Sacha was the key all along 

the cast of war of the world season 2
Featuring the cast of War of the World Season 2!

Long have we wondered why the aliens kill without any remorse. Turns out it was because of Sacha who was the genetic ancestor of these attackers. Sacha, who is a psychopath and narcissist with sociopathic trends, might be the real reason that they also don’t feel any compunction.

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Season 3 

Let us start with the good news first. The premium streaming service Epix has confirmed that the show will return for yet another season probably in early 2022 and filming of the third season has already commenced. 

Release date of War of the World Season 2

Season 2 was released on May 122021


The series is one of the coolest sci-fi dramas of our time. Honestly speaking, an aggressive alien attack at this point does not seem as far-fetched. We have seen carnage in the past two years like never before. Piles of dead bodies and no one around to even cry for them.

 The show has a menacing familiarity and therein lies the efficacy of Gilles Coulier. On the contrary, it does feel like the robots behaving like humans are something we have been trying to accomplish for decades. Feels scary, does it not?

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In France, two seasons of the show have already been released and a third one is on its way.