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Wanted 2: Is It Going To Happen Or Not?

Looking to know whether the pulse-pounding movie- Wanted will be ever back on the screen? This box office hit film is still awaited by the followers and if you are one of them then it is a big thumb up… This essay will definitely answer all your questions related to the comeback of Wanted 2.

But there is a constrain in that- i.e. You have to be with us till the end. So, that all your queries would be solved otherwise your some of your queries will be unanswered. And you definitely don’t want it. Isn’t it?

Since you are such a great fan of Wanted so we want you to be aware of these facts about it. So, let’s quickly grab details about it, and then we will further move towards Wanted 2.

About Wanted:

2008 action thriller movie – Wanted was cast by Timur Bekmambetov which revolves around miniseries comic book by Mark Milar and J.G.Jones. If you not aware who has jotted this amazing plot then here is the answer…Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, and Chris Morgan all have put their continuous efforts to present such a big blockbuster movie to the world.

Its storyline goes around an annoyed account manager who uncovers the fact that he is a descendant of a professional assassin and hence he chooses to unite with Fraternity. It is a secret society in which his father has already worked for years.

Now, directly let’s move towards Wanted 2 details for which you are exactly here.

Wanted 2: Is it happening or not?

If you can recall then you might be aware that in the first attempt of wanted the Wesley was curious to enter into his new amazing role. Do you have any idea about this role?  Well, if not…

Then here the answer… He will be becoming a highly-trained and professionalized assassin and also the freed of the Fraternity. Once it gets released, wanted 2 was in words and every follower is looking for wanted 2.

According to some of the sources, the screenwriting team including Michael Brandt Derek Haas had been again rehired to penned down the script. And even it has also that revealed Bekmambetov hooked up to the sequel. All this gives us the hint that Wanted 2 is in production and will going to happen. But still, there is no surety about its release.

Do read the next section, to know what the producer said for the same and also drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Wanted 2: When it will be going to release?

When it will release? Why it has been so delayed? I know all these thoughts are revolving in your mind. Right na…..

Well, when the producer of the series Marc Platt was asked about the same in an interview then what he said is here- Have a look-

“You don’t want to just retread a similar story, but when we get the script to a certain bar, there will be a squeal. It’s taken a while because it’s challenging, as I said because we lost a main, main character, so where that James McAvoy character goes now…we have good ideas though. It’s coming along.”

So, what we can say at this movement is there are tons of ideas available with us but the major problem prevails with a viable story for the movie. Despite numerous ideas, there is a still lack of sound stories that will hook the audience in one go. This also gives us a reference that Wanted 2 appears that it has come to standstill.

Since after these words, no information is available. So, we can’t say when it will be back on the big screen. It is being realized that Wanted 2 future is unpredictable.

Ending Note:

We have illustrated a clear view in front of you. The article contains all the information that must be known by the Wanted admirer. There are chances if the producers get a hooking storyline then they will definitely be back with wanted 2.

What you conclude from this article about Wanted 2, do let us know in the comment section.

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