Want to Reduce Risk on Your Crypto Investments? Here Are Some Tips


Sandeep Singh


You would not be true to yourself if you would say that you have not been intrigued by the cryptocurrency concept. In the last few years of the last decade, virtual currencies began to increase in popularity, and not just as a method to purchase goods and services but also as a tool of financial investments and trade. Due to the tremendous amount of returns being offered in this market, it has attracted investors and traders from all parts of the world, belonging to all the sectors of financial markets.

However, while crypto can prove to be beneficial, it does come with its inherent disadvantages and risks. Although the list of these risks is also quite lengthy, volatility is the factor of crypto which tops it. Volatility refers to the fluctuation in the prices of crypto in a relatively shorter period of time.

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While we look upon these risks and evaluate them, do you know of any particular methods or ways they can be reduced? While you think about it, let us take charge and bring the solutions for you.

The answer to our question in the last paragraph is, yes. Of course there are many ways through which these risks and the effect of these cons can be reduced. In this article we will discuss a few ways these risks can be shortened while investing in the cryptocurrency market. Have a look:

1. The 1st Step Should Be Learning the Fundamentals

If you have heard that virtual currencies are a simple concept and making money through them is similar to taking a walk in the park, well you are mistaken. Since crypto has been evolving along with the evolution of technology, therefore its mechanism has also been shifting and transforming and therefore holds a dynamic nature.

Luckily, there are many places and platforms, both digital and mainstream, where you can learn about virtual currencies. These platforms include Investopedia and Wikipedia and many others. YouTube offers video tutorials which can also count to be very useful.

2. A Detailed Research in Mandatory

Research, you should know, is a vital requirement in this region of investment, in order to prepare yourself with a good amount of the information and material one needs to make an effective decision from a wide range of available virtual currency options.

One suggestion we have for our readers is that they should not be spending time searching for the virtual currencies which are not that well-accepted in the market or are not too popular or recommended by the experts to invest. Hence, filtering the needless or weaker virtual currencies should be the first thing an investor needs to do when they began their research. Not only will this prevent them from investing in the poor ones but will also save them time.

3. Diversifying Your Portfolio is Always a Good Option

Just like the other financial tools, one of the foremost methods for controlling or limiting the inherent risk in the virtual currency investment is via diversifying the investment portfolio. This method can be utilized by integrating many different categories of financial assets for example stocks, bonds, and many other available options of financial investment, in order to mitigate the singular risk of investments.

4. Ensure You Have Taken Strong Security Measures

Utilizing some of the many cyber-security techniques will ensure the safety of your crypto and successfully maintain the security and privacy of your virtual assets whilst keeping them secured from any kinds of cyber-attacks. We have enlisted few of the top methods to keep your virtual assets safe, when it comes to the use of cyber-security:

· Two factor authentication through the user’s cell or a secure and trustworthy portal is also necessary. This two-step level of security can avert unwanted access into your virtual accounts.

· You should also keep a hard copy of your private key, for example by jotting it down on paper and storing that paper in a very safe and secure place. We strongly advise our readers to not write your codes in your phones or computer systems and store them there, as in the case of a hack attack, you might lose your crypto to the hackers.

· This advice is for those who are not involved in active investment and do not trade their crypto on a daily basis. We recommend storing your virtual currency within a cold storage wallet. The key to this wallet should also be stored somewhere extremely safe such as a safe locker, as access to it might cause you to lose your crypto in that wallet permanently.