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Wanna Activate Windows 10? Use These Simple Steps


David Mudd

The laptops that we find nowadays come in Windows 10 Operating system. This is no bummer. Since Windows is one of the most convenient operating systems that you’ll find. In addition to that, Windows 10 is the latest operating system around the corner.

Now, if you buy a laptop, this operating system will come in pre-installed. So, there isn’t much of a hassle. But for the techno in you that builds his laptops. Starting from processors and graphics cards.

Also, for those that have changed their system for a faster speed, installing Windows 10 is a problem. You have to do that yourself.

Windows 10

So, you should get it right. Else you can end up corrupting your laptop. To avoid that, stay in hooked to get the steps. They are very simple to use.

How To Activate Windows 10?

The easiest method is by activating the product key again. But this only works if you have a product key easier.

If you have activated the Windows 10 license by linking it to your account, the process becomes simpler.

WIth the Microsoft account, you can do it easily with your digital license. Both of them are simple. Have a look for yourself!

Method 1: With Product Key 

Windows 10

This is a very simple procedure. For this, you don’t have to do much. Just follow these steps.

  • Install Windows 10 using your product license key.
  • Press the Windows Key.
  • Now, go to Settings->Update and Secutiry-> Activation
  • Click on Change Product Key
  • Enter your product key and press Next.
  • Now, click on Activate.

And there you go.

Method 2: With Digital License 

This is another method. Have a look at the steps and follow them keenly.
  • When you begin the activation, click on the option that says that you don’t have a product key.
  • Now, setup and login into Windows 10 using your Microsoft Account that has been previously linked.
  • Here, Windows 10 should be activated automatically. But, if it doesn’t, there are some additional things to do.
  • Windows 10

You can follow these additional bunch of steps. They can help you if you still can’t activate your Windows 10.

  • Press Window. Go to Settings-> Update and Secutiy-> Activation
  • click on Troubleshoot if windows are not activated
  • Select Activate Windows and then Activate. Alternatively, you can check the button that says that you recently change the hardware settings.
  • You can sign in using your linked Microsoft Account.
  • Click on the device that you’re using at the moment.
  • Now, click Activate.

And you’re good to go. Wasn’t that tough, was it?