Wally Amos Net Worth in 2022!


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Mr. Wally Amos has a net worth of $20 thousand dollars. He is a television personality, entrepreneur, and author from the United States. In addition, he is the creator of the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie brand.. His writing career has also included ten books.

Early Life

Wally Amos was born on July 1, 1936, in the city of Tallahassee, Florida. He was raised there until he was 12 years old, at which point he relocated to New York City with his aunt Della Bryan, following his parents’ divorce. Wally began cooking at a young age, and his Aunt Della taught him how to make his famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.

After dropping out of high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF). Amos served in the United States Air Force from 1954 to 1957 at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he also completed his GED before being honourably dismissed from the military.


The following year, Amos returned to New York City and, after beginning his career in the mailroom, rose to the position of first African American talent agent for the William Morris Agency, where he represented artists such as Diana Ross and the Supremes, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Simon & Garfunkel. As a way of attracting new talent and clients, Amos began giving them his baked chocolate cookies, as well as an offer to meet with him.

Wally Amos Net Worth

In 1975, Amos opened a store in Los Angeles, California, to sell his cookies to the public. Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy provided him with a $25,000 loan to get his firm off the ground. In March of 1975, the first Famous Amos cookie store opened its doors in Los Angeles, California. During Amos’ five-year tenure, the cookie store, as well as Amos himself, achieved almost immediate renown and grew in popularity at an exponential rate. In 1981, Amos was so well-known that he was cast as himself in an episode of the television series “Taxi” titled “Latka’s Cookies,” in which he played himself.

By 1982, Famous Amos had amassed a $12 million dollar revenue stream. That’s the equivalent of $30 million in today’s money.

During this time period, Amos was also being recruited to make motivational talks all across the country in addition to his book writing work. It was unfortunate that this turned out to be the pinnacle of the company’s success. Within a few years, sales had plummeted, and the company had really gone into the red.

Wally sold holdings in the company at various points during the years in an effort to keep it viable. Amos was compelled to sell the Famous Amos Firm and, with Lou Avigonne, founded a new company in 1994 called The Uncle Noname’s Cookie Company, which eventually became Uncle Wally’s Muffin Company in 1999. Amos is the founder of the Famous Amos Company. The fat-free muffins are available at more than 3,500 supermarkets across the country.

When Amos moved to Hawaii in 2014, he recreated his cookie company in the shape of The Cookie Kahuna, which was regrettably short-lived. The Cookie Kahuna was based in Hawaii, where Amos was at the time.

The cookies are available in two flavours: classic chocolate chip and a chocolate chip version with pecans and macadamia nuts. The original chocolate chip taste is also available. In 2019, Amos was dubbed “The King of Cookies” by NBC affiliate KSNV-TV in Las Vegas. The documentary “The Great Cookie Comeback: reBaking Wally Amos,” directed by Jeff MacIntyre and based on the life of Amos, was released in 2020 and is available on Netflix.

Other Ventures

Wally Amos Net Worth

Wally was introduced to the organisation Literacy Volunteers of America by Amos’ long-time friend and publicist, John Rosica. Amos has since become an advocate for adult literacy, and through his volunteer work, he has assisted hundreds of adults in learning how to read and write. With the purpose of teaching other adults how to read, he began hosting a television series in 1987 called “Learn to Read,” which was produced by Kentucky Education Television and aired on public television.

Personal Life

Christine Amos-Harris, with whom he has been married since 1979, is his wife. With the beginning, she assisted him in the design of the Famous Amos box. The marriage has four children: Michael, Gregory, Sarah, and Shawn Amos, the latter of whom is a well-known blues guitarist. Michael, Gregory, Sarah, and Shawn Amos From 1977 through 2018, the family resided on the Hawaiian islands. In 2018, Wally and Christine moved to Columbia, South Carolina, to be closer to family.


Wally started a GoFundMe campaign in March 2017 to seek money to assist him in getting his financial life back on track. He was left broke after his most recent business attempt, The Cookie Kahuna (which is featured in the video on the page), according to the video on the page. He explains that he requires money in order to pay his rent and purchase groceries. The goal of the GoFundMe campaign is to raise $50,000.

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