Vueling Airlines Review 2023: 5 Tips for Budget Travel in Spain


Mohit Kamboj

If you have ever traveled on a budget in Spain, you have probably heard of Vueling Airlines! This airline is popular because it is affordable. It connects major cities, popular holiday destinations, and Spanish islands with the rest of Europe. Before booking a flight with Vueling Airlines, there are a few important things to consider, despite the attractive low ticket prices. I have 5 helpful tips and a complete review of our experience with Vueling Airlines.

Vueling Airlines Review 2023

It’s important to note that we’ve taken Vueling more than once over the years. This Vueling Airlines review, on the other hand, is based on our most recent flight from London Gatwick to Alicante Airport in Spain. We learned a lot about the low-cost airline on the short 2.5-hour trip.

What Are 5 Things to Know Before Flying With Vueling Airlines?

  1. Low Cost and Budget Airline
  2. Comapre Price and Dates
  3. Vueling Airlines Fees
  4. Check-In With App
  5. Get a Window Seat

Low Cost and Budget Airline

Vueling is a budget airline based in Spain. This means that they can offer very affordable prices for their flights! Spain has the most popular routes, but it also connects to many other popular destinations in Europe.

Vueling, like other low-cost airlines, earns money by charging for additional services. This can include things like baggage, drinks, snacks, and seat selection. The planes are simple, but they are definitely suitable for short flights.

Compare Price and Dates

To start your flight search, make sure to check the Vueling Airlines price calendar first. You can save a lot of money by adjusting your travel dates to be a day before or after, if you are flexible. The calendar will display the lowest price for each day to your destination. This allows you to compare prices with other dates and find the best deal.

When looking for flights, it’s important to consider multiple airlines, even when reading a review specifically about Vueling Airlines. It’s worth checking if there is another affordable airline in Spain that offers a more convenient departure time or better price.

We have found that Vueling usually offers the best deals for traveling within Spain. However, it is always a good idea to check other options as well.

Vueling Airlines Fees

The price you see on the Vueling Airlines website is the lowest fare available. Once you click on the booking screen, you will see a breakdown of what is included in each fare type.

In the past, we have booked the basic fare for our Vueling Airlines flight and then added extra luggage before checking in. However, sometimes it is more cost-effective to book the Optima fare instead of paying for an additional bag. This is especially true if you are traveling with very few belongings. Below, you can find information about the various categories available when flying with this budget airline in Spain.

  • Simple: You can only bring a seat and a small personal item.
  • Optima offers free seat selection, hand baggage, and a 25 kg checked bag.
  • Family: You get an underseat bag, the ability to choose your seats together as a family, a checked bag weighing up to 25 kg, and priority boarding if you have 2 or more children.
  • Timeflex offers several benefits for travelers. These include a 10kg carry-on allowance, an underseat item, the ability to select your seat, free cancellation, unlimited flight changes, and priority boarding.

Check-In With App

To make things easier, we suggest downloading the Vueling flight app. This way, you can keep track of your upcoming trip and easily check in. By doing that, you will have your boarding pass on your phone. Additionally, it will provide you with updates on any changes to your upcoming travel such as gate information or time adjustments.

Get a Window Seat

If you’re traveling in Spain or Europe during the day, make sure to choose a seat by the window! We thought the whole country was beautiful, and we were especially impressed with the stunning views when we landed in Alicante.

Depending on the Vueling fare you choose, there may be an additional cost for selecting your seat. When you check in, you can always ask the airline to switch your seat so you can have a better view.

Is Vueling Airlines a Good Option?

To conclude our review of Vueling Airlines, how would we rate this company overall? Honestly, Vueling doesn’t do anything special to stand out from other low-cost carriers. We often fly on budget airlines when traveling around Europe because we travel frequently. In simple terms, our flight with Vueling Airlines took us from point A to point B and was the most affordable choice.

The flight is so short that it’s not worth spending extra money on a luxury airline. If you keep your expectations in check regarding the cost of the flight ticket, you should be just as happy with your experience as we were!

If you decide to book with Vueling, it’s important to pay attention to their luggage allowance and make sure to pre-book the amount you require. Budget airlines are well aware that they can earn a significant amount of additional revenue by assuming that travelers will not adhere to the rules.

The carry-on bag that is labeled as “free” is very small, similar in size to a handbag or purse. While waiting in line, we witnessed a traveler being charged a significant sum of money because he exceeded the baggage limit by a large margin. If you are planning to travel around Europe, especially to Spain, Vueling Airlines is a good choice for those on a budget.