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VR Gaming Market During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The novel coronavirus pandemic is spreading very fast. Almost all over the world is within its grasp. The whole world is facing its consequences. This outbreak is the century’s biggest threat. Even the VR gaming market is also having the effects of lockdowns due to coronavirus outbreak.

The Novel Corona Outbreak

After its first discovery in Wuhan, China the coronavirus caused major threats across the globe. People are in isolation and quarantine. It looks like the whole world is in pause. Millions of people are already infected while thousands died. Italy, the USA, Spain have the worst situation among all the countries. Along with WHO, every country is fighting back now.

VR Gaming

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VR Gaming Market

Some of you may wonder what is VR Gaming Market is. Well, let me introduce you to it. Virtual Reality Gaming Market allows its user to have an experience and interaction in a three-dimensional environment. In this application computer’s artificial gaming world turns into reality through a bio-sensing technology. Developers use VR software to create a real-like environment in a game that makes the user believe in the real world.

As the technology has reached a higher level, so does the virtual reality.  Sometimes it confuses users between reality and virtual reality. Though it is a disadvantage of VR tech, but still it is a major factor in the gaming industry today.

CoronaVirus Lockdown’s Effect On VR Gaming Market

Well, it is hard to compare the good and the bad effects of the lockdowns. Although most of the things are facing hard times, but it seems the gaming market is making a profit from this situation. People are stuck at home, so naturally, they are attracted by the games. From 16th March to 22nd March over 4.3 million games were sold like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The profit grows up to 63%.

VR Gaming

Many publishers publishing heavy-weight games like Doom: Eternals during the lockdown period. Even the sales of the consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc. also rising in a promising way. However, it looks like this pandemic condition is having a positive effect in VR gaming Market though.

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