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Vizio Smart TV’s: Gives Access To 30 New Free Tv Channels! Like USA Today

Vizio is giving you access to 30 new free TV channels. It will be launching them on its internet-connected Smart Cast TVs.

They will be allowing viewing keeping in mind the lockdown due to the novel coronavirus. Due to that, it has thought to give people free access to about 30 channels. They will span across a range of options.

So, you will see many entertaining, music, comedy, sports, and lifestyle channels. They were supposed to be launched later. But keeping in mind the current situation, the company deemed it necessary to release them right now.

This is a great decision taken by them. Also, it will be very useful for everyone using them. Here is more information about this. Find out more sets about this!


More About This Issue

Considering the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Vizio has launched more channels right now. This will start on the 7th of April.

So, you can enjoy yourself more and more at your home. Now that you’re in your home, it is important to keep in touch with more and more entertainment to keep yourself going. Otherwise, it can get quite boring.

Keeping this in mind, Vizio has launched varied channels. They were earlier supposed to release in the latter part of Spring.

But considering the coronavirus pandemic, they have been released right now.

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Which Channels Are Included?

The following channels are included. They are now available on Vizio Smartcast.

  • Adventure Sports Network
  • Baeble Music
  • CBC News
  • CONtv
  • Divorce Court
  • Docurama
  • Dust
  • Fail Army
  • FilmRise Free Movies
  • FilmRise Sci-Fi
  • Food52
  • Fubo Sports Network
  • Hallypop
  • Hollywire
  • Hungry
  • Just for Laughs Gags
  • Latido Music
  • Law & Crime
  • MagellanTV
  • OutsideTV
  • People Are Awesome
  • Pet Collective
  • Qello Concerts
  • Reelz
  • Rifftrax
  • Stingray Ambience
  • The Design Network
  • This Old House
  • TMZ
  • USA Today
  • USA Today Sports Wire
  • WeatherSpy


The Improvements In Vizio Usage

Ever since the lockdown, Vizio has marked an increase in the usage. The viewing sessions have increased by 57%. This has happened over only 3 weeks of March.

Also, the usage of free ad-supported apps and streaming TV services saw a massive increase. In the same period, they noted an increase of a whopping 59%.

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