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Big News! Virgin River Season 5 Is Closer Than You Think [Latest Updates]

Virgin River came out unexpectedly and became a smash hit on Netflix. When we talk about Virgin over, we instantly get the idea of the show is popular. I don’t know whether it’s because of its flattering name or something else. Netflix was not wrong in renewing the show from time to time. The popularity of Virgin River surprisingly rose in the following years and the show was destined to get famous among the people. That’s the reason why audiences were asking about Virgin River Season 5.

The series originally premiered in 2019 and has gained an amazing response from the audience. The show somewhat matches with the popular shows on Netflix including Gilmore girls and Outer Banks. Fans are already obsessed with this mysterious series. 

One of the major reasons why the show became such a huge show is because of its amazing storyline which keeps the interest of the audience throughout the end. With such huge popularity, the show is bound to get another season for sure. While there are no exact numbers of the viewership, fans already know that the show is among the popular shots since it was already shown on the OTT Platform. 

In this article, we’ll be going to discuss everything about the series in detail. Continue reading this to get all the latest updates about the show.

Virgin River Season 5 Confirmation News

Virgin River Season 5

The officials were quick to respond regarding the renewal of the series. Fans would be glad to know that the show will at least be going to run for the next two years or maybe more. Before the end of the third season, Netflix quickly announced the renewal of the series. The streaming platform is already known to be committed to its popular shows and Virgin river was one of the favs to be sure. 

After the end of the third season, Netflix quickly announced the renewal of Virgin River for its third and fourth seasons. The production for the fourth season was announced shortly after the ending of the finale. 

At the time of writing, Netflix has already confirmed the renewal of Season 4 and Season 5, with its fourth season already coming to the end of production. The officials have already scheduled the release date of the fourth season for 20 July 2022. 

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Virgin River Season 5 Release Date News: When is it going to Premiere?

Virgin River Season 5

As most of you already know that Virgin River season 4 has already confirmed its release date. Business of the series has been already excited to watch the fourth part after 1 year. The thyroid season was ended with lots of cliffhangers and everything will be revealed in the upcoming season.

Talking about the fifth season, there have been no updates concerning the release date of the show. Netflix has not yet talked about anything specific about the date. We haven’t confirmed any date on our own but looking at the perilous release date, we can guess that Virgin River will be happening in 2023. 

Breckenridge has recently interviewed where she hinted about the production of the show. So far, we don’t know if the series has already started the production or is working on it. But as the actress spoke in an interview, we believe that there are rare chances for the show to already began its development. She said,  “We were supposed to start shooting season five of Virgin River in March, but it was pushed to July,” she said. “So, had we started when we were supposed to, I don’t know that Sophie and Kevin would’ve ended up together.”

A loyal fan of the Netflix series would know that they are committed to releasing their series in a regular annual mode. They have done similar to Virgin River also. By saying this, I can say confidently that the fifth installment is going to release in 2023. 

We are still waiting for the release date and will update this section as soon as we find out about it. 

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Virgin River Season 5 plot: What will be the Storyline?

Virgin River Season 5

The story of the Virgin river focuses on Melinda “Mel” Monroe, a nurse practitioner, who has already lost her husband but planning to start her life from a new end. The series moves further and revolves around her. Throughout the first two seasons, we majorly saw her adjusting to a small town.

After the release of the third season, we found her nelly interested in jack. there have been a lot of ups and down in Mel’s life and the series perfectly makes sure to show everything. 

The official’s sponsor for the fourth season is already out,  “Despite not knowing whether her baby belongs to her deceased husband, Mark, or Jack, Mel begins season four with a sense of optimism. For years she yearned to be a mother and her dream is one step closer to reality. While Jack is supportive and excited, the question of paternity continues to gnaw at him. Complicating matters is the arrival of a handsome new doctor, who’s in the market to start a family of his own.

Hope is still healing from her car accident, and the lingering psychological effects of her brain injury will have profound consequences for both her and Doc. Brie, intent on proving the innocence of the man she loves, unexpectedly finds herself in a closer relationship with Mike and one step closer to Calvin’s violent criminal web. Even as Preacher forges a new romantic connection, he can’t help but hold out hope for being reunited with Christopher and Paige.”

We are waiting for the fourth season to drop so that we can assume what is likely to happen in the upcoming part. As far as the viewers are concerned, there are no updates regarding the plot of the show. 

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Virgin River Season 5 Cast: Who will be back? 

The series won’t move further without Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel), the main lead of the show, Throughout the series, we saw her life after losing her husband. Virgin River will continue to tell her story in the upcoming part. 

One of the major reasons why the show has such massive popularity is because of its cast. The characters of the show ahs marked by their palace among the people and fans have already loved them throughout the show. 

Along with this, we will be getting back with Martin Henderson (Jack), Colin Lawrence (Preacher), Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine), Tim Matheson (Vernon, or “Doc”), Annette O’Toole (Hope), Jenny Cooper (Joey), Lexa Doig (Paige), Ben Hollingsworth (Brady), Daniel Gillies (Mark), Zibby Allen (Brie), Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie) and Nicola Cavendish (Connie) in the upcoming show. 

There might be new characters in the upcoming season and if the story demands, there might be recurring new characters. 

Is there any official trailer to Watch?

Unfortunately, there are no updates in the official trailer. Fans are already counting down the release of the official trailer but before season 5, we need to watch the trailer for the fourth season. The Network has not even released the official trailer for the fourth season yet but we have an official teaser for you to watch, 

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