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Virgin River Season 5 Production Delay? Everything You Need to Know



The fans of Virgin River are already excited to witness the fourth season’s release. After the successful release of the fourth season, the fans are speculating whether the series will be back for another season or not. Netflix’s Virgin River is one of the popular series on the OTT platform. Just after the first season’s release, the series became one of the massive hits for the audience. Along with this, the story remained exciting throughout the end of the season. Fans are waiting for the announcement regarding Virgin River Season 5. 

The series has become so massive that people have already started to wonder about the fifth season. For people who admired slow love, Virgin River is one of the best series for them to look for. It provides old school romance with a lot of exciting things. 

Virgin River Season 4 was officially released in July 2022 and with the end of the series, people started to question the future of the show. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about Virgin River Season 5. If you are a diehard fan of the series, this article is definitely for you. Continue reading the article to find out everything about Virgin River Season 5.

Virgin River Season 5 Confirmation News: Will There Be Another Season?

Virgin River Season 5

Just after the conclusion of the fourth season, fans rushed to find out whether there will be another season of the series in the future or not. While there have been a lot of updates for the series to look for and to learn, You need to keep calm. 

Coming to the major question about the renewal of the series. Thankfully, Virgin River is officially confirmed to release the fifth season. Just after the conclusion of the third part, officials came out with two pieces of good news, one of them confirmed the release of the fourth season and the other gave a sneak peek of the renewal status of the fifth season. 

The good news is that fans don’t have to speculate about the renewal status of the series anymore. As the news is officially confirmed by the officials, there is no doubt that the series will continue. 

But there are a lot of new things that have been recorded for the show. According to an interview Alexandra Breckenridge, who appeared as Mel, confirmed, “They’ve been trying to get me to come back since I’ve been on Virgin River,” “We were supposed to start shooting season five of Virgin River in March, but it was pushed to July. So had we started when we were supposed to, I don’t know that Sophie and Kevin [of This Is Us] would’ve ended up together.” 

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The recent updates confirmed that the filming for the fifth season has paced up. This was officially confirmed when Annette O’Toole (who played the role of Hope) said,  “I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Canada to film season five”.

At the same time, the official Instagram page of the series has also posted a picture of the team and the caption reads, “Our cast in a table read for SEASON 5. Yes, you heard that right folks. We have now started production on SEASON 5!”

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Virgin River Season 5 The official said in an interview, “We’re paying very close attention, understanding that this is a really rich universe of characters and that people can’t seem to get enough, myself included. So I think as long as that continues to be the case—which we’re very hopeful for—you can rest assured that there will be more Virgin River.”

As of now, we are confirmed that Virgin River Season 5 is officially happening. The official has released the statement for the renewal status of the series But there are no updates on the release date. Fans are wondering about the possible premiere date of the series but Netflix has not yet confirmed anything about it. 

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Looking at the past release date, we are confirmed that Virgin River Season 5 is likely to release in the upcoming years. We are predicting the release date of the series to be 2023. The fifth installment of the series will focus on the same events as the fourth one. 

Henderson also said that he had just finished filming the beginning of the fifth season. In an interview with Glamour, he said, “The baby stuff gets interesting. I’m speaking without having read any of those actual scripts, but we’ve got some nice…a lot of stuff gets wrapped up and then there’s a whole bunch of new beginnings, new storylines,” he said. “I can’t give too much away. I know someone might move away. Someone might leave.”

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She also hinted,  “I think this season has started well, and we’re getting into a few episodes soon that are pretty heavy. They’re intense and I think that they’re some of the best episodes we’ve ever done,” she said.

O’Toole also gave some new detail by saying, “There is a big thing that happens right in the middle of the season that brings the community together in a very big way and it’s a kind of timely topic that’s happening in our country and I’m really glad that they’re going there.”

If there will be updates on the confirmed release date by Netflix, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Is there any official trailer to watch?

Since the fourth season of the series has been recently out, it would be too soon to wonder about the future of the series. The official trailer for the fifth season is not yet released. Although the showrunner has officially confirmed the fifth part of the show, it will still be going to take some time for it to be released. 

If by chance you have missed the trailer or the fourth season, here is the official trailer for you to watch. 


The officials have confirmed the renewal status of the fifth season. Fans can now be excited for the upcoming season of the series. The officials have already confirmed the production of the fifth season. The series will release potential release date for the series super soon. The audience needs to wait for the production to wrap up. If there will be any updates, we’ll let you know.

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