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Virgin River Season 3


David Mudd

Virgin River is an American Romantic drama that takes place in a remote small town of northern California. A small and remote place often becomes a safe choice when it comes to starting fresh. This is the reason Miranda, the protagonist, chooses Virgin River. Virgin River Season 3 is a must watch!

The show centres around her life and journey to a new place. At the same time, it breaks apart the popular and typical notion of small towns being all simple and easy. As the series progresses we see the multi-layered complications that are capable of rising in a small town as one. 

The series has 3 seasons and a 4th one is the talks. Before the renewal let us get you all caught up with the series’ latest season. 

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Plot of Virgin River Season 3 

The series starts with Miranda moving to Virgin River to work as a midwife. Her experience in the new place, the people and how she is received by the people cover the seasons.  Much to Mel’s (Miranda’s nickname ) dismay, she finds the remote place is not that quiet action-less boring last stop of Earth at all. 

While Miranda tries to adjust to the new place, something happens which impacts her life most strongly. One day a baby is put on the doorstep of Miranda’s clinic which is run by Doc. This incident is used as a key to unlock Miranda’s past.

The characters inhabiting the town are Jack Sheridan, Doc- her boss, the Mayor, Preacher, Brie, Charmaigne, Mike, Brady, Ricky and Lizzie .

Painful past 

featuring melinda from virgin river season 3
Featuring Alexandra Breckenridge from Virgin River Season 3

The past of the characters is shown in flashbacks. Miranda often remembers her past. Her struggle with infertility and her husband’s death haunts her. So when she encounters the baby, she is awestruck. She is overwhelmed. 

Jack Sheridan

featuring jack sheridan along with melinda
Starring Martin Henderson along with Alexandra

Jack Sheridan is the local Bar owner. He used to be in the armed forces. After coming back from war, he wanted an easy life and opened the bar. He too is not free from the demons of his past. 

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The biggest moment of season 3

showcasing the best moment of virgin river season 3
Melinda meets Jack!

But he meets Mel and helps her figure out the town. Throughout the series, they become more than friends. The biggest moment of season 3 is Jack finding out about Mel’s pregnancy and he might not be the father after all. 

Who shot Jack? 

Jack’s former friend Brady, with whom he served in the war, is on the top of the suspect list. Though he discards the idea of trying to kill Jack, Mike finds a gun in his car. 

What happens to Hope? 

Hope is the Mayor and former wife of Dr Vernon. While coming back from a relative’s house, she meets with a fatal accident. Her fate is yet to be decided in season 4.

Ricky and Lizzie

The fresh and young love story of Ricky and Lizzie will probably come to a halt. Ricky has been selected in the Army and he will not pass up this chance. Just when they were in the happiest phase of their lives, having out each other, now they must face the pain of being separated.

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Why should you watch the Virgin River Season 3 

The show has a typical soap opera quality which might not be enough to pique your interest. But there are plenty of reasons which will surely make you reconsider. 

It seems that in a pandemic era we have developed a certain tendency when it comes to entertainment. We opt for something easy and simple and warm, just like Mel. The series is a comforting romantic drama full of soft and sweet moments which is something we too are in sheer need of. 

The quiet atmosphere is so peaceful that it almost touches you. The tranquil air will comfort the restless soul. The lush greenery, far off mountains, the golden glow of the sun when it hits the forests have a soothing effect and offer a delightful visual treat.

The Cast of Virgin River Season 3 

Small town dramas are strongly dependent on the cast and their chemistry. In this Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Handerson play the lead. They share a strong bond on-screen and are credible. This talented ensemble of the cast includes — 

Alexandra Breckenridge plays Melinda ‘Mel’ Monroe. …

Martin Henderson plays Jack Sheridan

Colin Lawrence plays John Preacher Middleton

Lauren Hammersley plays Charmaine 


Annette O’Toole plays Hope McCrea

Tim Matheson plays Vernon “Doc” Mullins

Benjamin Hollingsworth plays Dan Brady.

Grayson Grusney plays Ricky 

Sarah Dugdale plays Lizzie 


Season 3 of Virgin River has matured the narrative. Characters have grown. It is one of those few Netflix shows that have a strong chance of being a romantic drama with a happy ending. It raises questions that will be answered in season 4. 

This good old love story is truly a worthwhile watch. In the meantime do let us know your thoughts and ideas regarding the series.