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Virgin River Season 2: What Do We Know So Far? Get Premiere, Cast And Plot Updates


Virgin River Season 2: update know About Its Netflix Return

What is Virgin River About

Based on the books with the same name, written by Robyn Carr, Virgin River is an American romantic web series.

Having been shot in beautiful picturesque locations, Virgin River Season 1 was telecasted on the 6th of December, 2019.

The series follows the story of protagonist and nurse, Melinda Monroe aka Mel.

About The Character

She used to practice nursing and was a midwife back in Los Angeles but she recently moved to the small town of Virgin River, California for reasons we’ll explore ahead.

Virgin River

Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda gives an incredibly powerful performance as a woman struggling with past memories with a will to change her present.

Also, it can’t be just me who thinks her smile is the most calming of all gestures?

Virgin River Season 2 On The Cards?

Fans are undeniably excited about a Virgin River season renewal. And with Netflix’s apparently uploading of a video with Martin Henderson aka Jack and his dog, fans have gone into a state of madness!

They have confirmed the wrapping up of Virgin River season 2 of the hit-series already so for all of you thinking the pandemic will take this show’s production downhill as it did with everyone else’, you are wrong!

There have been a few fans who had posted on twitter about their inherent feeling regarding the show and from what we can decipher, they’re restless about season 2! Aren’t we all?

Netflix also announced a few characters who’d join the old ones in the second season, namely Thomas Nicholson as Leo Cavanagh, Carmel Amit as Jamie, Lane Edwards as Sheriff Duncan, Keith MacKechnie as Nick and Donald Heng as George.

What To Expect?

Production people have gone so far so as to tell us that if Season 2 becomes a huge hit (which I’m certain it will), they might come up with Virgin River season 3 too.

Virgin River

Mel’s dealing with her own past and Jack getting flashbacks from when he was in the armed forces, makes them come together in healing and in love.

I mean, she was widowed and heartbroken. Her apparent friendship and solidarity with Jack Sheridon turn into love in no time.

We certainly don’t know anything about the plot but we’re willing to see what the future brings!

If all things go well, they’ll come up with Season 2 by the end of this year. Worse, it will come by 2021. So, calm your horses. We’re almost there, folks!




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