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Violet Evergarden


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Violet Evergarden Season 2: Air Date, Full Cast, Trailer And More!

The award winning anime show “Violet Evergarden” is a novel based show written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase.

Anime bugs are loved this animated show and gave huge applause. Imagine the novel you are reading and imaging the random faces to the characters is now available on real screens. This is really awesome to all the fans of the novels.

Release Date Of Season 2 Of ‘Violet Evergarden’

The season one of the anime show Violet Evergarden is wrapped out in 2018, with 13 episodes in total. Now the show got the green signal for signal for the next season.

But there is no official word on the release of the season two. Fans need to hold their breathe for a while more, to have the fantasy again in front of their eyes.

Violet Evergarden

As of the expectations we can have the season two in 2021 early days. Due to coronavirus the show is been delay to set foot on the television.

Okay do one thing until then, if you haven’t watched the season one until now. Then it’s a perfect timings to watch it, after all we all are stick to homes. The show is made available to viewers on Netflix.

Plot Of Season Two: What’s Going To Happen In ‘Violet Evergarden 2’?

If you once recall the final episodes of season one, then you may think or at least guess what might be the plot. Well, the season one ends with leaving of Gilbert who is the father of Violet. Now Violet is learning all things by her own and leading life with no help.

But we do have the twist on the show by the entry of some unknown and random person in the show in the ending. Few if the fans thinking this character might be father of Violet who returns for Violet. Yeah this can consider because we can expect the return of him in season two. But until now there is no proper and clear data given about the second season.

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Who Is Going To Play Which Role?

Violet Evergarden

Well, if we once look in the details of the crew then we can have some estimations of the cast.

The same faces are going to appear again for the second season too. We may expect few more characters too. Now, let us look  at the old cast. Yui Ishikawa, Erika Harlecher, Claudia Hodgins, Gilbert Bougainvillea. These are the faces of season one.