Violent Night: Does It Sound Something Mysterious?


Aditi Deshinge

Violent Night is an upcoming comedy movie. It is an American movie which is directed by Tommy Wirkola. It will be a Christmas Action comedy.

The original screenplay of the movie was written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The star cast of the movie contains David Harbour who is seen previously in Stranger Things which was aired on Netflix.

Violent night

Violent Night sounds like a horror holiday treat on Christmas Eve. David Harbour will be an ass-kicking Santa in this movie as per the trailer.

The first teaser was shown at CinemaCon and it’s revealed that it will be an action-packed and demented movie for viewers.

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According to reports there was the release of many teasers at CinemaCon but our favourite from these trailers is Violent Night.

There is the release of previews like Holloween Ends, Nope which is directed by Jordan peel, M3GAN which is produced by Blumhouse production etc.

It is a holiday thriller which is something exciting to watch for the audience. So stay tuned with us to get to know more about this movie.

violent night

David Harbour will play the character of Santa Claus. The story is scripted by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller.

What Will Be the Story of Violent Night?

A group of elite mercenaries break down in a wealthy family who all compound on Christmas Eve. They take everyone a hostage. But the team unknown with a surprise entry of Santa Claus which is played by Harbour and he is present on the grounds.

He is about to show why Nick who is one of the characters from the movie is not a saint.

David Harbour

Stranger Things star originally wanted to play the role of Eleven. Check out why he wanted that role.

Who Produced Violent Night?

The movie Violent Night was produced by David Leitch and Kelly McCormick. The production house of the movie was 87 north productions. The movie was set up at Universal Pictures.

Leitch is well known for his first movie John Wick where he was co-director for this movie. But unfortunately, he wasn’t got the credit for that movie.

Fortunately, his back-to-back movies came which were like Atomic Bomb, Deadpool 2 and Fast and furious presents Hobbs and Shaw.

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This project is overseen for the studios by the director of product development Tonny Ducret and Universal Picture’s vice president Matt Reilly.

Harbour joined the movie cast by John Leguizamo. Harbour describes the movie as a “Hardcore Christmas action movie”.

What is Shown in the Trailer of Violent Night?

In the trailer, it is shown that Harbour will be a Santa and he is pissed off. One rich family is suffering from a home invasion which is carried out by John Leguizamo who was the leader of a terrorist crew.

The kids from the family beg Santa for help and he is showed up with his elves to kill the entire terrorist. Nonstop action is shown in this movie.

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The movie looks totally demented. It is somewhat similar to the movie Nobody. The movie will surely make David Harbour an action icon for this year.

violent night

Did you all feel that Violent Night will be must watch movie according to the trailer? Let us know your views by leaving comments in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who Will Be the Cast of Violent Night?

At this point, the lead role in the movie will be played by David Harbour. Formerly well known for Stranger Things. He will be seen as Santa Claus in the movie.

What Are the Reviews of Violent Night Movie?

According to the trailer, a group of mercenaries will attack the wealthy family on Christmas Eve and Santa will save them from the terrorist. Despite, all these are just speculations so the actual story will be known after watching the movie.

What is the release date of Violent Night?

The movie Violent Night is scheduled to release on 2nd December 2022 in the United States. The movie will be released by Universal Pictures.


From the trailer, we have got know that David Harbour is again coming up on the screen in some thriller holiday movie. The movie is going to hit the theatres on 2nd December 2022 which is according to report as of now.

Above all, We will share trending news regarding this movie so stay connected with us and share your views in the comment section.