MAPPA’s Vinland Saga Season 2 Renewal Confirmed At Netflix



Created by Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga is a recently released anime series that is gaining huge popularity from people around the world. After being released on Netflix, the show has already started to generate hype. Since Netflix is getting more recognizable after investing enough time and patience in their anime series, fans are believing that the streaming platform is adapting classical and worth watching shows. So, when the anime, Vinland Saga premiered on Netflix, fans were assured that the series would be going to deal with something new.

Vinland Saga is one of the popular anime series and after the conclusion of the first season, the fans are already wondering about the second season. Fans are confused regarding Vinland Saga Season 2. 

The story follows Thorfinn, a warrior who started his journey against the murder of his father. However, the story starts with the warrior but eventually, it leads to a different era where the main lead coincides with different openings and people. Over the first seasons, the story centers around Thorfinn and his story of revenge. 

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The finale episodes of the show maintain the dignity of the story and mark its success. However, fans are not satisfied with how the story concluded and are waiting for Vinland Saga Season 2. In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about the anime series. Continue reading the article to find out more about the show. 

Vinland Saga Season 2: Will there be another Season?

Vinland Saga Season 2

Vinland Saga was an unexpected series that was already making a lot of fan bases all around the world. The anime adaptation by the studio has already received much applause and fans are just waiting for the series to learn about the second season. 

While the first season has just ended, it would be too soon to wonder about the second part. There is no doubt that the Vinland Saga has achieved widespread love and all this popularity is simply allowing the fans to learn about the second season. 

Normally, the studio announced the renewal after or within a year but surprisingly the creators of Vinland Saga don’t take much time to announce the second part. Yes! Vinland Saga is officially confirmed and the series is already preparing to release its second installment. 

Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to Release?

After the show has officially been greenlit, people are assuming the future of the series. There have been a lot of doubts about the second part but thankfully, the officials are providing enough information to the fans.

Inspired by the manga series, there is already a lot of source material left to cover. With The finale ending on a cliffhanger, there were obvious reasons for the show to begin. The officials have confirmed the renewal but that’s not it. 

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It’s been almost 3 years since the first season of the anime was released. The official release date for Vinland Saga has been announced. Vinland Saga Season 2 is going to be released in January 2023. The news was revealed by the MAPPA Studio and was later made official when the anime released the official trailer. 

In the trailer video, it was announced that the second installment is going to be released in January 2022. Initially, the anime is likely to be released in Japan and later the dubbed part will air. At the same time, there is huge potential that the series, before release, start working on the English dub and the series get greenlit on Netflix. 

WIT studio was the developer for the first season however, the second season is now handled by MAPPA Studio who has already released some of the breathtaking anime series. Fans are not worried because they already love the production of the studio. It is the same studio that has developed incredible anime like Attack on Titan and Jujitsu kaizen.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Plot: What Can We Expect with the Story?

Vinland Saga Season 2

After watching the trailer, fans are struggling to find out about the plot of the second season. As far as the viewers are concerned, the second season of Vinland Saga is probably going to follow the main protagonist. In the first season, we saw how Thorfinn is assigned to go against the murder of his father but at the same time, he was guided to a different place which ultimately leads him to a new path. 

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The trailer for the second season is already out and after deep analyzing it, we find out that the story is going to follow Thorfinn and his past. In the end, we already saw how things went dramatically so this could lead him to think about his life in a new way. 

Along with this, there is huge potential for the creators to adapt to some new faces. In the trailer, we saw how Thorkell revealed that there might be some new faces, suggesting the arrival of a new cast. Along with this, King Canute occurred during the ending of the first season, which brings a new plot to the story. He was seen laughing over gold. Although we don’t know why he did that, we significantly know that this could lead him to something new. 

The second season is probably going to feature the Viking era. The story is already suggested to be a part of history and this is an indication that we can find some new adventure in it. There are still some parts left to adapt and even though the story might not go according to the manga, we know the potential of the studio which would be going to lead the story to new possibilities. 

Is there any official Trailer to watch?

Thankfully, the official trailer for the second installment is already released. In July 2022, the official revealed the first look of the anime series, leaving the fans unconscious and excited about the plot. The arrival of the trailer is a pure indication that the anime series is going to release super soon. If by any chance you have missed the trailer then here it is. Watch the official trailer of the series and find out some exciting things. 


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