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Vinland Saga Episode 4- A True Warrior


David Mudd

Do you like Vinland Saga? I think, yes! So, let’s read the article to know more about the 4th Episode of Vinland Saga.

It is well said by the famous personalities that 4th Episode of Vinland Saga anime is A True Warrior. Vinland Saga Episode 4 is nothing else but a Japanese historical manga series. Vinland Saga Episode 4 is directed by Michiru Itabisashi and written by Hiroshi Seko. This series won the 36th Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga.


Vinland Saga is written and illustrated by manga author whose name is Makoto Yukimura. This manga series is published by Kodansha. Moreover, it was first serialized in the youth-targeted Weekly Shōnen Magazine and then moves to the monthly manga magazine named, Monthly Afternoon. In November 2019, Vinland Saga series has been merged into 23 bound volumes. Also, it has been licensed for English-language publication by Kodansha of USA.

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However, Vinland Saga is set in Dane-controlled England at the beginning of the 11th century. The story form a connection of a King Cnut, the great historical with a revenge plot centered on the historical explorer Thorfinn who is the son of a murdered ex-warrior.

After reading the great overview of Vinland Saga Episode 4, you might be wondering about the happenings of Vinland Saga Episode 4.

What happens in Vinland Saga Episode 4? | Plot of Vinland Saga Episode 4

In Vinland Saga Episode 4, Thors advances through men of Askeladd. He beats them but did not kill them until he faces Bjorn after having the mushroom. He defeats Bjorn and challenges Askeladd. After the fight, Thors defeats Askeladd and ultimately surrenders to save Thorfinn and the warriors of village. Then Thorfinn goes to the ship and tries to take revenge from Askeladd.

In other words, Thors continuously take down Askeladd’s men without actually killing them. When the crew of one of Askeladd’s Ships was almost beaten then Bjorn begins crazy activities from the side effects of the mushroom which he ate. This causes him to attack his fellow crew mates.


Finally, Thors tries to get him out of the way and Askeladd with the rest of men who are ready to invade Leif’s and Thor’s ship. Then Thors throws Bjorn towards the side of Askeladd’s and returns to his ship. After this he challenges Askeladd so that he can minimize the casualties. Askeladd accepts and defeats it fast. Thors asks him to take decision for defeat, surrender, or let them go away but Askeladd refuses for all this.

At this time, Bjorn gets up and takes Thornfinn as a hostage. Then ultimately Askeladd gives explanation that he had no intention of surrendering and gives sign to the archers to attack Thors in the first place. After all this, he agrees to leave Leif and kids alone and decides to leave without harming them.

Thors passes away and Thornfinns was full of anger. Askeladd took Thors’s ship with him, but when he tries to take it with him he found Thornfinns was hiding inside it. When Thornfinns comes out of the ship, he swears in a very nervous way that he will kill him one day.

After getting the information about Vinland Saga Episode 4, I am sure you want to know the Cast/Characters of this fantastic series to make reading more interesting.

Cast/ Characters of Vinland Saga Episode 4 

  • Thorfinn as Yuto Uemura, Shizuka Ishigami
  • Askeladd as Naoya Uchida
  • Bjorn as Hiroki Yasumoto
  • Thors as Kenichiro Matsuda
  • Thorkell as Akio Ōtsuka
  • Canute as Kensho Ono
  • Leif as Yoji Ueda


It is a well known fact that Characters play a vital role in every field. They are responsible for the success of any series. So, above are the characters which make Vinland Saga Episode an interesting for all of you.

Now I think we should read about the release date of this wonderful series. You might be wondering about the date when it was first released on our screen?

When 4th Episode of Vinland Saga was released? | Release Date of Vinland Saga Episode 4

Vinland Saga Episode 4 is also known as A True Warrior. It was first released on July 28, 2019. This is the air date of Vinland Saga Episode 4. It is like interesting news for all the fans because they don’t have to wait for the airing date of their favorite series (Vinland Saga Episode 4).

Hope this gives you more satisfaction. To build your interest in more depth I am going to share a video of trailer with you.

Trailer of Vinland Saga Episode 4

With the help of this video, you will come to know about the Vinland Saga Episode 4 series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually Vinland Saga Episode 4 is?

It is nothing else but a Japanese historical manga series.

What is it about?

It is based on the life of Thorns and Askeladd who did fight to save the warriors of the village.

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Final Words

Vinland Saga Episode 4 is one of the best television series. It is based on the story of Thors and Askeladd. Moreover, it is also known as A True Warrior. The interesting news for all the fans is that it was first released on July 28, 2019. So, we don’t have to wait for it to be on our screen.

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