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Video Games And Important Social Issues


Hadley Bourn

Many of you believe that playing video games is nothing special and something that is completely opposite to learning. In reality, this is a wrong perspective and not the accurate one. A video game can help you with many social issues and actually provide interesting and important benefits that you would normally lose. Below we will take a look at the matter in question and try to explain all you need to know about it. This will be an interesting topic and we believe that people will start thinking differently about this form of entertainment.

Higher Gray Matter Amount

Perhaps it sounds impossible or even strange but gaming can be more beneficial than you imagine. According to experts, playing these games will help your brain increase the amount of grey matter used. This matter is used to provide connectivity in the brain and has countless, positive effects. Grey matter is linked to improvements in spatial coordination, muscles, memories, and also prevention. Yes, playing video games can help you remember more, orient better, and have better control of your life in general. These benefits are not directly linked to social life but do have a huge overall role.

There are a few more things you can do to get similar perks. For instance, reading is beneficial and will give you stunning results in the same direction. But, writing is an even better method to develop the amount of grey matter. For instance, writing essay on racial profiling and other essays will gradually increase the gray matter. It is important to write essays on a regular basis to get this perk.

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Enhanced Social Skills

Some of you believe that all gamers spend the entire day in a basement playing games alone. This is not true. Most gamers play interactive online games where the main goal is to cooperate and work together in order to complete a mission. People will improve their social skills using this method and it is a stress-free option. See, social skills are complicated to develop for some individuals due to stress and the inability to find suitable or compatible people. But, you can easily find those in a game and start working on your social skills.

Emotional responses are better as well but this isn’t as common as the first claim here. In a nutshell, gamers will act better and will have better success when cooperating or just talking to other individuals. You can see that their mental health is at the highest level possible and that they have self-esteem as well.

Gamers Solve Problems Better

Yes, we know, there are a lot of you who believe that playing games is just fun and that there are no challenges needed to complete. This should have a negative impact on the person’s brain and intelligence. Well, the truth is completely different. See, while playing games you need to solve countless problems and they are far from common. This means that a person will learn how to solve any problem in less time. The truth or better said the reality is much simpler. In general, a gamer will need less time to solve a problem and he will move to the next one. As you can see mental health is not affected by gaming and it is actually improved, better, and more advanced. There are many issues while playing so players must adapt to overcome these. Learning is possible as well and overall, playing games offer a great experience with multiple benefits.

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You Can Learn More

You can learn from interactive media, from books, and in real life. But, learning from games is the best method. It is a fun one and it is something we all like and would like to use. There are countless titles out there that can help you learn valuable things in a matter of seconds. These are some issues we would like to discuss and reveal to all of you so you can get them to your benefit. Gaming will have a huge effect on social skills and will help you implement and transfer that knowledge better and in less time. Each game is special and offers different things which means you will learn all kinds of facts and do many things.

You Will Be More Persistent

Gaming can be fun but can also transform how you do things. Gamers are persistent because they are taught that every single problem has a solution and they will eventually solve it. Non-gamers will give up and they will focus on other things. Being persistent in games and while gaming is a great way to become persistent in the real world. As you may know, there are a lot of things you can do in order to become more persistent and gaming is the best one.

Regardless of the content or the problem you can become more persistent within hours and you will need to stay active and not give up. There is no need in telling you that you must practice and you must invest a lot of time into this process. Many games will offer you this advantage but not all, so you need to focus on the hardest and the most difficult ones. After all, games are powerful and sophisticated.

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If you like to play games and think that there are no positive effects you are wrong. All forms of video entertainment actually have one or multiple perks and gaming is the best of them all. Video fun is beneficial, appealing and in the modern world mandatory to all individuals. Pick a game you like and start enjoying it. These benefits will become available in a matter of days while enjoying games.