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Vida Season 3: Showrunner Tanya Saracho Announces The Show Coming To An End


David Mudd

Vida Season 3: The show Vida is coming to an end. It will end with its third season. This was announced by Starz on Wednesday. The show was expected since May 2019. Earlier this year, in February, its third season was said to be scheduled in April. Now, people eyeing the third season will be at a disappointment. This is because the season airing April 26 is the last ever for the series.

The goodbye to the show was announced using a letter. This letter was written by the creator, director, and showrunner of the show- Tanya Saracho. She expressed grief in writing about the end of the show that she was so connected with.

Vida Season 3

The Letter Of Goodbye

Tany Saracho expressed deep grief in writing a letter to mark the end of the show. She expressed how she wasn’t able to come to terms with it. The farewell letter was one of the most difficult things to do. But she has stated that the third season will indeed be the last for the show. She has mentioned that she doesn’t want to explain the reasons for this.

On the other hand, she has expressed great gratitude for everyone who supported her and was with her during the journey. She was very uncertain of her representation on screen. But with the journey of the show, she changed so deeply. The course of the show evolved her and made her into a better version of herself.

Vida Season 3

About The Third Season

The third season will showcase a lot of romance and business for the sisters: Emma(Mishel Prada) and Lyn(Melissa Barrera). It will also feature the discovery of a family secret. It will add on to the half-hour drama-comedy that the show is. The secret will pose challenges.

So, the sisters will face enemies and ghosts. It will pose a question in front of them. Do they want to stay together? Or do they want to separate their paths for good? The show is going to have breathtaking moments and will be an amazing one to watch. The show also features Ser Anzoategui, Chelsea Rendon, Carlos Miranda, and Roberta Colindrez.

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More About The Show Runner And The Show (Vida Season 3)

The cause of the end of the show hasn’t been stated as of now. In the letter, she didn’t mention anything about why the show will stop airing. However, she has stated that she initially had her concerns. She was afraid that the television would be sceptical of her vision.

This is because she thought the audience was stereotypical and uncertain. So, she had her concerns about the Latinx representation. She had only known of one Latinx showrunner who had a solo show. Also, there was no representation of brown queers. To add a personal element, the showrunner has herself written the letter. The entire journey of the show has been overwhelming for her.