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Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons: Shocking Revelation in the Show?

Black truth of Victoria’s Secret has been revealed now in a documentary series name Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons. The series debuted on 14th July 2022. No more secrets for Victoria’s secret now.

The reveals the details behind the billion Dollar Empire, its founder and how the brand lost touch with the modern consumer.

The teaser trailer of the series showed not only scandals but also Jeffery Epstein who played a big role in the company’s rise and fall.

The direction of this series had done by award-winning journalist Matt Tyrnauer. He is also well known for documentaries that explored the life of Valentino Garavani and Studio 54. He was unaware of Victoria’s Secret Angels over the past 20 years.

To Yahoo entertainment, Matt told that he was not their target customer. When he started to see the entire, influential marketing brand which seems everyone to know about, he had just two reactions maybe he needs to know more about it.

Moreover, controversies are not new to fashion industries and pop culture lovers. The documentary series reveals some dark secrets of the brand.  The show is now streaming on Hulu.

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Does Les Wexner Fake Victoria’s Secret’s Origin Story?

Les Wexner is a small-town boy from Ohio. His father is also an entrepreneur in the clothing and fashion industry. As he grownups, he always admired the lifestyle, aesthetics, and success of fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

When he decided to make a business of Women’s lingerie at that time his father doubted the success of this business. But in 1982 Wexner bought 5 Victoria’s secret Stores from Roy and Gay Raymond.

Eventually, he expanded his stores in American malls and made the largest lingerie retailer in the U.S by 1990. He also founded L brands like Bath and body works and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Wexner invented a fake story about Victoria. He uses beautiful models in a luxurious photo shoot which is just a marketing tactic and nothing else. He created a sense of female empowerment around the brand that millions of women brought into.

Does Jeffery Epstein Have a Power of Attorney Over Wexner’s Finances and Businesses for Many Years?

The most shocking thing for many people who are working along with Wexner is how heavily and secretly Jeffery Epstein was involved in Victoria’s Secret. According to this show, Wexner had a mutual relationship with Jeffery for a long time.

Wexner wanted Epstein’s Connections in America where he felt like an outsider as he came from Columbus, OH. So to expand his business and empire he made connections with Epstein.

But unfortunately, Epstein wanted only Wexner’s money, power as well as more access to young beautiful women.

Former Victoria Secret Executive Cindy Fedus-Fields alleged that Epstein once tried to recruit models for their catalogue and it occurred in 1997. At that time Wexner warned him it is against company policy. But then also he did not cut the partnership with him.

Epstein’s history of sexually assaulting women is not good for Wexner’s image especially when there are some specific allegations from Alicia Arden that have started in the press.

Also, Epstein was convicted on charges of child prostitution and soliciting a prostitute in Florida in 2008. He is a third-level sex offender by the state of New York.

Then also Wexner ties with him which is shameful. For this, he states that he is unaware of Epstein’s criminal records during their relationship.

Epstein was arrested by the FBI in 2019 for sex trafficking charges. Moreover, Epstein sexually assaulted more than 36 girls from which some are young as 14 years old.

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell in August 2019. The cause of his death is suicide. Unfortunately, his abuse culture was set on Victoria’s secret from start.

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What Led Victoria’s Secret to Rebrand?

Online shopping, social media and the #metoo movement led Victoria’s Secret to rebrand. In 2018, the profit and stock margin for the lingerie brand was very low. For this, there are many factors responsible for falling.

The brand was established on an in-person shopping experience at its storefronts which is especially pink, white and lacy. But eventually, there is a death of American shopping malls and there raises a trend of online shopping where people look for different lingerie options.

Though, Victoria’s secret had tried to collaborate with influencers for an advertisement to increase its profitability.

When there is news regarding Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations hit the mainstream and the #Metoo movement started. The purpose of the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret Angels and the brand’s own history of not addressing issues with sexual assault and harassment claims came front.

In these efforts to rebrand, Victoria’s secret removed Angels from their marketing campaign and the show was also cancelled that same year.

Wexner and Razek in 2020 resigned and lingerie brands are cut in their number to half by 2021.

To become a better brand for females, the company introduced female ambassadors like Naomi Osaka and Priyanka Chopra Jones. It is just one step to addressing its past mistakes.

The day when the show Victoria’s Secret Angels and & Demons debuted on Hulu, the company wrote an Instagram post with the caption “Today we are proud to be a different company, with a new leadership team and mission to welcome, celebrate and champion all women.

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Frequently Ask Question

Where to Watch Victoria’s Secret Angels and Demons?

Well, you can watch Victoria’s Secret Angels and demons on Hulu tv


Check out an official trailer of Victoria’s Secret Angels and Demons. it will give you an idea regarding this documentary show.


Victoria’s Secret Angels and demons documentary show reveals the dark secret of the brand. The show is streaming on the Hulu channel in the United States. We will update all information regarding this show as soon as we get any.

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