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Vicki Lawrence Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn Every Year?

Vicki Lawrence is a well-known American actress and singer who established her career in the industry at an early age. The singer has had a phenomenal career over time and is popular among the artist. Her appearance in the films has played a huge role in her popularity. If you are a fan of the artist then this article is for you. Continue reading the article and find out all the latest details regarding it. 

Vicki Lawrence’s Net Worth

Vicki Lawrence has a net worth of 8 million dollars. She has earned value during her acting career. After appearing in films like “Mama’s Family” and “The Carol Burnett Show”, she became a well-known artist. 

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Vicki Lawrence Early Life

Born in Inglewood, California on March 26, 1949, Vicki Lawrence stayed in the same place with her family. Her mother and father look after her and her siblings. 

As she grew older, she started to find the internet on acting. She was already passionate about music and used to play instruments from a young age. Her parents recognized her skills and decided to continue her passion. 

When she was in high school she appeared in numerous plays and music competitions. Vicki Lawrence was already popular in her school time. 

When she grew older, she continued her hobby of music and soon realized that she wanted to continue her dream as an artist. Vicki Lawrence appeared on  “The Carol Burnett Show” as a comedic actress and gained high popularity, the show appeared from  1967 to 1978 and gained massive popularity among the people.

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During that time,  “The Carol Burnett Show”  was one of the most famous shows for the people. The popularity of the series was Amanda and people used to get crazy over him. In 1972, she received great recognition after recording the song “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” The song received high popularity from the people and got high ratings on the Billboard charts. According to the report, The song ack achieved Gold status and sold over a million copies. 

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With The popularity of the song, she decided to work on her music, and over time, she released three more tracks that garnered major responses from the people. Later, she continued her show which ran for 11 seasons.  “The Carol Burnett Show” was one of the best shows of the actress’s career which made her earn fame and popularity among the people.


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I played Miley Cyrus’ grandma on ‘Hannah Montana,’ and the first time I was on, they said, ‘We love having veterans like you on because she’s like a little sponge, and she’s appreciative of all the veterans that are coming on the show, and we just love that you’re teaching her.’

I often feel like I could fall off the face of the Earth. As long as ‘Mama’ was around, nobody would miss me. People think of her as an actual person. People all the time see me and ask, ‘Where’s Mama?’ Like she should be with me.

I didn’t plan on going into show business. Show business picked me. And it’s been fun. One of the best things about being in show business is people think they know me, and they feel like they grew up with me.

The thing that everybody loved about the ‘Burnett Show’ was that you felt like you were there – all that fun stuff stayed in the show, and I think that’s why everybody remembers it so fondly because that just doesn’t happen anymore on television.

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