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Vicente Fernandez Net Worth, Career, How Did He Die and Much More


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What was Vicente Fernandez Net Worth? How did he pass away? A retired Mexican singer, actor, and film producer, Vicente Fernandez Gómez. For his career, which includes the composition of more than 50 albums and his participation in more than 30 films, he is recognized as a cultural figure in Mexico.

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Vicente Fernandez’s net worth is projected to be around $25 million as of 2022. Vicente earned the moniker El dolo de México, which translates to The Idol of Mexico, during his celebrity career. Vicente has received a total of eight Latin Grammy Awards over his career in addition to three Grammy Awards.

What was the Early Life of Vicente Fernandez?

Vicente Fernández was born on February 17, 1940, to a rancher and a housewife in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He had aspirations of being an actor as a child, but after receiving a guitar, he also discovered a love for music. Fernández relocated to Tijuana with his family after completing elementary school, where he was employed as a painter, mason, and cabinetmaker as a young man. After that, he started working as a cashier at his uncle’s restaurant and started singing at weddings and in public settings. During this time, Fernández joined a variety of mariachi bands.

What is Vicente Fernandez Net Worth

Vicente Fernandez’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $25 million. Vicente is a legend in Mexico and has managed to establish himself as one of the best vocalists the country has ever produced. Vicente has been able to accumulate a sizable fortune over the years via his hard work and dedication. He has played for more than 40 years in various concerts that have filled innumerable stadiums.

How Did Vicente Fernandez Begin His Career?

As an actor, Fernández made his debut in the 1971 film “Tacos al Carbón.” In 1976, he had his first starring role in “La Ley del Monte.” Over the course of his career, Fernández starred in 30 films, 18 of which were directed by Rafael Villaseñor Kuri. He mostly played the stereotypical “macho” Mexican man on screen. Among his notable credits are “Por tu Maldito Amor,” “El Hijo del Pueblo,” and 1991’s “Mi Querido Viejo,” his final film.

vicente fernandez net worth

Fernández made his acting debut in “Tacos al Carbón” in 1971. His first leading part was in “La Ley del Monte” in 1976. Fernández appeared in 30 movies throughout his career, 18 of which were helmed by Rafael Villase or Kuri. On-screen, he primarily portrayed the traditional “macho” Mexican man. “Por tu Maldito Amor,” “El Hijo del Pueblo,” and “Mi Querido Viejo,” his final movie, are just a few of his significant credits.

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When his rendition of the Fernando Z. Maldonado song “Volver Volver” became a huge hit across the Americas in 1978, Fernández attained global fame. Later, in 1983, he had “15 Grandes Con el Numero Uno,” his debut album, selling over a million copies. Four years later, Fernández visited Bolivia and Colombia as part of his first South American tour. The “Mexican Sinatra” moniker was given to Fernández in the 1990s in the United States. He issued several well-known ranchera albums during this time, including “La Mentira,” “Aunque Me Duela el Alma,” and “Lástima Que Seas Ajena.” Fernández received five Grammy Award nominations during the course of the decade.

What was the Relationship Status of Vicente Fernandez?

Fernández married Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseor in 1963. Vicente Jr., their son, had to be incubated because he was born prematurely. Along with an adoptive daughter called Alejandra, the couple also had sons named, Alejandro and Gerardo. Fernández frequently shared the stage with Vicente Jr. and Alejandro. In 1998, Vicente Jr. was abducted by a gang and held for ransom; as a deterrent, he had his finger removed. He was apparently freed after Fernández paid a sizable sum of money.

vicente fernandez net worth

Later in life, Fernández battled health concerns. He battled prostate cancer before defeating liver cancer in the year 2002. But he decided against getting a liver transplant. Fernández underwent surgery to repair stomach hernias in 2015 after suffering a thrombosis in 2013 that momentarily led him to lose his voice. He suffered cervical spine injuries from a fall at his ranch in 2021, which led to his hospitalization. Guillain-Barré syndrome was also discovered. Over the course of the year, Fernández’s health fluctuated before a case of pneumonia caused it to deteriorate once more. At the age of 81, he passed away on December 12.

More About Vicente Fernandez

Even in his later years, Fernández frequently sparked debate. He claimed in 2019 that he declined a liver transplant because he believed the organ might have belonged to a “gay or drug addict.”

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A few years later, while taking a photo, he embarrassed himself by placing his hand on a fan’s breast. The singer Lupita Castro, who said that Fernández had molested her some 40 years prior but had kept quiet out of fear of retaliation, also accused Fernández of sexual assault.