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Vicente Fernández Net Worth: Singing Career, Achievements, Earnings And More



Vicente Fernández was a Mexican singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer. Born on February 17, 1940 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, he was interested in music. When Vicente was a little kid, he was given a guitar which instantly developed the passion for music on him. He moved to Tijuana with his family and started working as a painter, bricklayer, and cabinetmaker. 

Vicente used to work as a part-time worker in different sectors like cashier, accountant and more. Later, he worked at his uncle’s restaurant and soon started performing songs from the place. He later got offered to sing at weddings. At that time, he joined a mariachi bands.

Vicente Fernández Net Worth

Vicente Fernández has a net worth of $25 Million dollars. All this money has been earned after working hard for all these years. 

Vicente Fernández Early Life

Born on February 17, 1940 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to a rancher and a housewife. Since childhood, he used to become an actor, he was very fascinated with movies and this encouraged him to be an actor. 

Along with that he was passionate about music. The idea of music struck on his head when he was given a guitar. He studied and along with that, he pursued his passion of singing. At the start, Vicente Fernández used to work in various places as a part timer. He supports his family through the earrings. However, he never left his passion for music and continued singing at that time. 

Career Beginnings

When he was in 21, Fernández made its first ever appearance on the TV show called, “La Calandria Musical.” The singer later moved to Mexico city to work and pursue his career in music. He signed his first ever contract with CBS México, for which he recorded the albums “Soy de Abajo, ”Ni en Defensa Propia,” and “Palabra de Rey.” 

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He later worked for and released “La Voz Que Estabas Esperando” and the hit albums “El Rey,” “El Hijo del Pueblo,” and “Para Recordar.”

International Breakthroughs

Fernández got his first-ever international recognition for his coverage of the Fernando Z. Maldonado song “Volver Volver”. The song became a massive hit among the people of the world, especially in the US. In 1983, his album sold one million copies with “15 Grandes Con el Número Uno.” 

In 1987, he made his first tour in South America where he got a chance to meet his fans and performed worldwide. 

During the 90s era, Fernández  was a known celebrity to the people of the world, he had already established his huge fandom across the world and his songs were already generating a lot of hype from the people. 

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In the United Sts, he was known as, asseveration Sinatra.” In between of this, he released a number of popular ranchera albums such as “Lástima Que Seas Ajena,” “Aunque Me Duela el Alma,” and “La Mentira.” Across the decade, Fernández earned five Grammy Award nominations.

Further Album Successes

Fernández started getting more popular in the later years. In 2000s, he released,  “Vicente Fernández y los Más Grandes Éxitos de Los Dandys”; “Más Con El Número Uno”; “En Vivo Juntos Por Ultima Vez”; “Se Me Hizo Tarde la Vida”; and “La Tragedia del Vaquero.” 

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In 2007, he became more popular among the people after releasing “Para Siempre,” which generated the sale f 1 Million across the globe. 

Along with this, he  won the Latin Grammy successfulor Best Ranchero Album. The singer began his success journey over time and he started releasing more hits for his fans. In the following years, he released songs like “Primera Fila,” “Necesito de Ti,” “El Hombre Que Más Te Amó,” and “Hoy,” all of which won Latin Grammy Awards for Best Ranchero Album. He won his final Latin Grammy in 2021 for his album “A Mis 80’s.”

Vicente Fernández Quotes

With the education I had, all I could do was work as a burro, in whatever I could find: shoeshine boy, janitor, dishwasher, waiter, bartender, cashier, bricklayer, painter.

It gives me great pleasure to team up with a friend like Budweiser that shares with me the same values and vision that help empower the Hispanic community – higher learning and education.

Some of my earliest memories, from when I was six or seven, are of going to see Pedro Infante movies and telling my mother, ‘When I grow up I want to be like them.’

I have many hits, big hits, that have been written by people I don’t know. In almost all my shows, people say, ‘Chente, here’s a CD.’ When I get home, I listen to them all, and what I like, I record.

There Other singers of ranchera music singbeautifully, but you can tell from the way they sing that they never lived on a ranch. They never knew what it was to milk a cow, to birth a calf, to shoe a horse. I’ve lived all that.

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