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While Shane Smith was a co-founder of VICE, he has not been involved in the production of VICE since 2018. Season 9 of VICE was produced without the involvement of Shane Smith, who left the company in 2018 to focus on other projects.

Instead, Season 9 of VICE was produced by a team of journalists, producers, and editors who worked together to research, report, and produce each episode. The series continues to be known for its bold and fearless approach to covering important and often controversial topics, as well as its commitment to exploring stories and perspectives that are often overlooked by traditional news media.

Vice Season 9 Ending explained

Vice Season 9 premiered on HBO in 2020 and consisted of ten episodes that explored a variety of topics from around the world. Here is a brief overview of some of the issues covered in Vice Season 9:

  • Policing the Police”: This episode takes a look at police reform efforts in Newark, New Jersey, and examines the challenges and controversies surrounding efforts to hold police officers accountable for their actions.
  • “The Future of Work”: This episode explores the impact of automation and technology on the global workforce, and how these changes are affecting everything from wages to working conditions.
  • The Cost of Living”: This episode takes a deep dive into the high cost of healthcare in the United States and how this is affecting individuals and families across the country.
  • “The War on Abortion”: This episode examines the ongoing battle over abortion rights in the United States, and how state-level restrictions and legal challenges are impacting access to reproductive healthcare.
  • “The Politics of Terror”: This episode looks at the political forces behind the global war on terror, and how these forces are shaping foreign policy and military strategy around the world.

Other episodes from Vice Season 9 covered topics such as the rise of populist politics in Europe, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the United States, and the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

Vice Season 9 Ending

As with previous seasons of Vice, Season 9 featured in-depth reporting and analysis from a team of correspondents and experts, and used a range of multimedia elements to help tell its stories and provide context for viewers.

What is the Cast of Vice Season 9?

The main form of the series is David Noriega, Isobel Yeung, Hind Hassan, Vikram Gandhi, Suroosh Alvi, Ryan Duffy, Taylor Wilson, Paola Ramos, Sebastian Walker, Kaj Larsen, Gianna Toboni, Krishna Andavolu, Ben Anderson, David Choe, Subrata De, Charlet Duboc, Beverly Chase, Michael C. Moynihan, Julia Steers, Simon Ostrovsky, and Vegas Tenold.

The Important Correspondents of the series are Thomas Morton, Ben Anderson, Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi, Gianna Toboni, Luke Wulf, Vikram Gandhi, Isobel Yeung, Bill Maher, Hamilton Morris, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, and Eddy Moretti.

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What is the Plotline of the Vice Season 9?

Each episode of VICE Season 9 focuses on a different topic, and the series covers a wide range of issues including politics, culture, technology, and current events.

Some of the topics covered in Season 9 of VICE include the impact of COVID-19 on marginalized communities, the rise of conspiracy theories and misinformation in the age of social media, the effects of climate change on communities around the world, and the use of psychedelic drugs as a form of therapy for mental health conditions.


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The episodes typically feature in-depth reporting, investigative journalism, and personal stories from individuals impacted by the topics being covered.

Each episode is self-contained and can be viewed independently, although there are some recurring themes and threads throughout the season. Overall, VICE Season 9 continues the series’ tradition of covering important and often overlooked topics, while providing a unique and insightful perspective on the world around us.

What Are the Reviews for the Vice Season 9?

The reviews for VICE Season 9 were generally positive, with many critics praising the series for its thought-provoking coverage of important and often overlooked topics. The season was noted for its bold and fearless approach to journalism, as well as its commitment to exploring stories and perspectives that are often ignored by traditional news media.

Some reviewers noted that the season was particularly strong in its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, with episodes that provided unique insights into the ways in which the pandemic was impacting marginalized communities around the world. Other reviewers praised the season for its coverage of topics such as climate change, psychedelic drugs, and the rise of far-right extremism.

Vice Season 9 Ending

However, some critics felt that the series was overly focused on sensational topics and relied too heavily on shock value to capture viewers’ attention. Others felt that the series could benefit from a more consistent and structured approach to storytelling, with some episodes feeling disjointed or unfocused.

Overall, VICE Season 9 was well-received by critics and audiences alike, with many viewers praising the series for its bold and unconventional approach to journalism.

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Vice Season 9 Trailer

Watch out the trailer of Vice Season 9 below.

Where to Watch the Vice Season 9?

VICE Season 9 can be watched on several platforms depending on your location and subscription:

  • In the United States, you can watch VICE Season 9 on the Showtime cable network, which airs new episodes as they are released.
  • If you have a Showtime subscription, you can also stream the season on Showtime’s website or app.
  • In other countries, VICE Season 9 may be available on local cable or streaming networks that carry VICE programming, such as HBO or Viceland.
  • You can also purchase individual episodes or the entire season on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and other online platforms.

It’s important to note that availability may vary by location and platform, so it’s best to check your local listings or streaming services to find out where and how to watch VICE Season 9.

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Overall, VICE Season 9 offers a unique and insightful perspective on the world around us, and is a must-watch for anyone interested in current events, culture, and social issues.

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