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Is Veronica Mars Season 5 Renewed Or Cancelled? Updated News 2022!


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Veronica Mars is an American television series created by Rob Thomas. The series stars Kristen Bell as the titular girl in Neptune, California. The series ran for three seasons on UPN’s successor network, The CW, from September 22, 2004 to May 22, 2007. Veronica Mars was created by Warner Bros. Television and Silver Pictures Television. Throughout the series, Joel Silver and Thomas were executive producers, with Diane Ruggiero taking over in the third season.

Veronica Mars is a high school girl who moonlights as a private investigator for her detective father. In each episode, Veronica solves a different case while trying to answer a larger mystery. The first two seasons of the show had a season-long mystery narrative that ran from the first episode through the season finale. The third season had a new format, with shorter mystery arcs spanning numerous episodes.

Veronica Mars was originally going to be a young adult book with a male protagonist, but Thomas decided a noir story told from a female perspective would be more intriguing and unusual. The series began production in March 2004 and premiered in September to 2.49 million viewers. The first season’s 22 episodes averaged 2.5 million viewers in the US. The series was nominated for multiple awards and on several best-of-fall-television lists. AFI named it one of the top television programmes of 2005, and it was nominated for two Satellite Awards, four Saturn Awards, and five Teen Choice Awards.

After the series ended, Thomas wrote a screenplay for a feature picture that continued the plot. Warner Bros. declined to fund the project. They launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 13, 2013, and raised almost $2 million in less than 11 hours. 5.7 million dollars on Kickstarter. The film came out on March 14, 2014. On July 19, 2019, Hulu released a new eight-part season.

In November 2019, Hulu indicated it would not acquire the fifth season.

Season 5 of Veronica Mars Renewed?

Veronica Mars’ reincarnation appears to have been fleeting. Rob Thomas told TVLine in November 2019 that no talks about a fifth season with Hulu have taken place. But don’t underestimate Thomas, Bell, and the “Marshmallow” fans’ ingenuity. After all, it was a successful crowdfunding campaign that led to Season 4’s pickup. Sadly, it appears that a Season 5 will not be on Hulu.

Despite this, Thomas stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he plans to continue Veronica Mars. Thomas stated why he killed Logan (Jason Dohring): The truth is, I want to keep doing Veronica Mars. “I believe that in order for the show to operate that way, it must function as a noir detective show,” Logan said before explaining why he had to die.

Veronica Mars 4th Season

The fourth season of Veronica Mars ended with a bang. Penn Epner, a Cho’s Pizza deliveryman, was named by Veronica as the Neptune bomber. Neptune City Hall, where Veronica thought she had seen Logan deactivate the last bomb. Later that day, the two headed home while Veronica pondered Penn’s possible second bomb. She raced to notify Logan, who had gone out to relocate the device, and watched as Logan was murdered in the explosion.

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Season 4 ended with Veronica even more emotionally numb as she dealt with her husband’s loss and tried to move on. She was finally getting treatment, as Logan had urged her all season, and would continue to help her father with Mars Investigations. As word of the Neptune bombs circulated around the country, reports began to pour in. To escape Neptune, Veronica took a road trip to solve them for Mars Investigations.

Veronica Mars Season 4 Trailer:


Keith Mars, Veronica’s father in the series, expressed interest in a film adaptation.

While Dawn Ostroff was pleased with Veronica Mars’ steady rise in the ratings, she indicated in January 2007 that the series would be cancelled after the February sweeps to make way for a new reality series, Pussycat Dolls Present. After the hiatus, the show returned for the final five episodes.

Veronica Mars will not be part of the new primetime schedule, according to Ostroff during the 2007 CW Upfront. Thomas created “Veronica in the FBI” four years after the third season ended and included it on the third season DVD. When asked if the FBI premise would work, Ostroff replied the project was “dead in any shape.” Ostroff also indicated Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas may work together again on CW. Michael Ausiello of TV Guide reported on the show’s termination in June.