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Vermont: Officials Claim Coronavirus Cases In Vermont Moving Towards A ‘Plateau’

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Gov. Phil Scott has claimed that the situation in Vermont is looking like a plateau. But despite this claim, he has requested the citizens to stay at home and incorporate the right practices.

He claims that the situation is stabilising, but they are not sure if they have reached the peak yet. Even if there is a dip in the number of cases, it is best to stay at home because it would be problematic to burden the health care system.

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Statistics (Vermont)

As of today, the total number of cases is 748, and this figure included 28 deaths. Twenty-one new cases have been reported after carrying out around 500 tests.

A Word From The Health Commissioner

Mark Levine has urged the people to wear the mask. He says that failing to do so; there would be an extreme risk of getting the infection as well as spreading it.

Additionally, the school are closed through the end of the school year. You can read more about the brilliant health commissioner on the link mentioned below:

Our Leaders: Mark Levine

The health officials are also involved in serologic testing, which will help in determining the antibodies for the novel coronavirus. This test will also determine if someone has been infected with the virus but did not show the symptoms.

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A Thoughtful Approach (Vermont)

Levin has stated that “As we enter this plateau phase now and hopefully a deceleration phase to follow, it will be more important to assess who has antibodies to the coronavirus for a whole bunch of reasons.”

The tests will help in determining who will be needing the vaccine immediately once it is available.

We are hoping that the vaccine is out at the earliest. Meanwhile, we encourage our audience to stay at home and stay safe.

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