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Verizon: Verizon To Extend Its New Late Fee Policy Through The End Of June


David Mudd

Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world very hard. It can be very difficult to support yourself financially through this entire situation. So it can be very difficult to pay all your bills during this very tough situation.

And companies have come out to help. Telecom companies like Verizon are trying to help their customers in this age of need. So you don’t have to pay any late fees if you can’t pay your dues right now.

They won’t cut you off altogether from their services in such a situation. This is announced by the company today. So stay tuned to know more about this. You will find all the information that you need for this.

What Has Happened? (Verizon)


Now there is peace for all the Verizon customers. They are not going to cut off your services if you’ll not be able to pay during this time. Neither will they charge a late fee for it. This is done because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is announced by Verizon recently today. So their new non-payment services will be extended. Also, the new late fee policy will be extending until the end of June. This applies to all people and small businesses.

Now you just need to inform the telecommunication company that you’re not able to pay your bills. And they will take care of the rest. You will not be devoid of any services from their side.

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What To Expect?

Now there are loopholes to this. This extension is not favorable for every type of customer. It has been done that the Lifeline customers are not eligible for this. They will not get their first two billing cycles waives.

However, what they will have is a discounted internet connection. However, the DSL plan users will get this. Now it will also be weaving router charges for two months for Fios internet consumers.

This is as per the extension of its low-income internet connectivity options.

More About It (Verizon)


So you might favor it or you don’t. But there is something for everyone here. The DSL service has been more relatable.

Although it is largely covering the rural areas, it is helping many people connect to a faster and more reliable internet connection.

So stay tuned for more information about it. And stay at your homes to fight this pandemic off.