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Verizon: Verizon Extends 15GB Of Additional Mobile Data Through May


David Mudd

The coronavirus has caused us all to stay behind locked doors. So most of us are turning to digital sources for entertainment. The Internet has an abundance of content. And what more can you do than try to explore it now?

This is just the opportunity to tick everything off your watchlist and try everything that you’ve thought of. Keeping in mind this, there is an increase in the demand for streaming services, games, consoles, and items of the like.

But to make everything work, you need a good internet connection. And without that, there is no use of anything. So, Verizon is here to your rescue. They have announced to provide additional high-speed data to its users.

This is because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. So read more to find out more details on this.


What Has Happened?

The coronavirus has caused us all to stay at home. The lockdowns are at no sign of stopping anytime soon. So resolving the internet is the best way to get through this time. And to complete your internet pack demand, Verizon is to your rescue.

It has announced only today that it will be extending its pledge. The firm has said to provide an additional 15 GB of high-speed data to its users. And this will now extent through May 31st. So make the most of this offer. And use it for your benefit.

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How Are You Getting This?

Now you’re getting an additional 15GB worth of high-speed data. But you don’t have to do anything about this. This extended offer will be availed by itself. It is applicable for consumer and small business accounts.

However, the firm is not waiving any data caps. To make the most of your data plans, you might suffer a problem in the internet speed. This plan was earlier supposed to last this April 30th. But the firm is now resolving to extend it further.

More About It Verizon


With the coronavirus pandemic, all such companies are benefiting. So they are providing additional offers to stay connected with your loved ones at this time. Even AT&T has added extra data to existing consumer plans.

Also, it has waived late payment fees for many users. Additionally, T MObile has removed data caps for an entire 60 days duration. Also, it is providing an extra 20GB for hotspot data.