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Venom 2: Woody Harrelson’s View On His Carnage Look

The sequel to the massively successful Spider-Man spin-off, Venom, is under shooting these days and fans are incredibly excited about it. It is going to release in October 2020. After the first part of this movie, fans are utterly excited about the movie as well as its characters.

Characters Of Venom 2:

The movie stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the reporter. Woody Harrelson will play Cletus Kasady. He has been possessed by the dangerous Carnage. Hardy posted a photo of Harrelson from Venom 2 in which he looked totally different.

Did Venom 2 Undergo A Makeover?

We saw Woody Harrelson in a clownish wig as a psychopath Cletus Kasady in Venom. He had red hair, but it didn’t suit Harrelson at all. The internet was full of Venom memes. People hilariously trolled his look. Fans too didn’t like his look at all.

In the post-credit scenes of the last movie, fans saw that Harrelson appeared as Kasady. He was sitting in jail. As per the new image, he is out of the bars and completely changed his look. The wig that Harrelson wore in not there now. He is wearing a colorful short and looks amazing.

Harrelson’s View On His Changed Look:

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In order to remove the hatred he got from his look, Harrelson shared a post from the sets of Venom 2. He posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “Hello Cletus” on it. The hair still has a red tint, but there is no wig.

Fans are loving this look, and they are utterly excited about the new movie. Also, the new look created a new fanbase for Venom.

The story can go into many directions. It may be an adaption of Maximum Carnage. But Sony still cannot use Spider-Man in a movie. This makes it challenging to portray the story in a clear way.

Venom 2

There are expectations of Spider-Man making its way through Sony. In the trailer of Morbius, we saw a shot of Spider-Man on a wall. Sony also announced a new Sony/Marvel title for the coming year. It may be possible to see Spider-Man under Sony’s label soon.

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