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Venom 2: What Might Woody Harrelson’s Carnage Symbiote Look Like

What Woody Harrelson’s Carnage Symbiote Could Look Like In Venom 2

What To Expect

So, amidst the peace-ruining, life-sucking, heart-wrenching coronavirus, we have a piece of pretty suave news for fans of Venom.

An artist had shared a particular picture giving us a hint of how our adorable actor and playwright, Woody Harrelson would look like, as the supervillain, Carnage.

Imagine seeing both these epic characters together on screen! Venom and Carnage! You can’t see but I’m jumping on my bed!

Upcoming Movie (Venom 2)

The upcoming movie, titled “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is a sequel to Venom where these 2 characters are going to come face to face for the very first time on the big screen!


As you already know, Venom 2 was supposed to hit theatres this October, but Coronavirus wouldn’t let us reside and proceed in peace, right?

So it’s technically postponed to June 2021. Well, if this is how it is, then so be it. *shrugs*

If you remember correctly, the character of Carnage first appeared in the Spider-Man trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Artist behind the very appearance of this character had once said how Carnage is the ‘Joker’ of Marvel movies. Interesting!

Well, an artist had uploaded a picture on Instagram, announcing how there’ll be Carnage, and in the picture was Woody with a believably charming appearance.

Woody And His Appearance

Woody Harrelson had been chosen to play Carnage and this was revealed right after Venom had released back in 2018!

I mean, in actuality, as in, in the comics that we know, Carnage has a slimmer physique as compared to Venom, or as compared to anyone else for that matter.

But the picture clearly doesn’t state that. Sony’s probably taking a few liberties in fiddling with the classic image. Not that I’m complaining!

Venom 2

Woody’s new appearance as Cletus Kasady is hopefully going to be less comical than his apparent cameo back in Venom.

With a bright red top-notched wig and a surreal voodoo sort of a costume, we are certainly hoping this Carnage symbiote doesn’t make us go ROFL all over again!

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