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Venom 2: Postponed To 2021, Title Reveal And More Updates

Well, here is a piece of heartbreaking news. The release of Venom 2 has been postponed. But don’t let your hearts sink because we have received the new confirmed date for the release.

The blockbuster and much-awaited film were supposed to release on October 2, 2020. Now we have to wait for another year for the film. The new date of release is June 25, 2021.

Batman initially took the date, but their date is further shifted to October 1, 2021.

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Venom 2 The Cast

The movie will feature the brilliant Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock while Michelle Williams will portray the role of Anne Weying. In addition to this, we will see Woody Harrelson in the part of Cletus Kasady.


Andy Serkis is the phenomenal director of the film.

Reason For The Delay In Release

The prime reason for the delay is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted the world. Due to this, the production work has come to a halt and can only be resumed once the crisis is over.

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More Exciting News

The director of the film has raised our expectations from the movie. He says that it is going to have more drama and is going to baffle the audience.

We did not see much of spiderman in Venom, but there is more coming over in the crossover. Interestingly, we will be witnessing Spider-man’s offspring Carnage.

You all must be wondering that the movie will become R rated when Carnage’s name is attached to it. But the producers have ensured that that won’t be the case.

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Venom 2

The Logo For The Film Venom 2

You can see the new logo for the film in the image attached below:

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