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David Mudd

Venom 2: Can There Be A Spiderman Cameo In The Venom Sequel

Venom 2 is in the production stage and rumors are all around regarding it. Recently, we hear Superman going to feature in the upcoming Venom sequel. And, more interesting, so is the fact that he is possibly a dark character in Venom 2.

However, presently, the speculations are about a Marvel character making a grand appearance in Venom 2, and it is none other than our very own Spidy!

Venom 2: Spider-Man Cameo

A new deal is in the air it seems! Recently, Sony and Marvel have their hands on the upcoming Venom sequel.

Therefore, we can expect Spider-Man to show up in Venom 2. Marvel still gets to keep Spider-Man in their Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, we are looking forward to a crossover to happen between Venom and Spider-Man.

Our hopes keep increasing as we see the recent Morbius trailer that confirms Marvel’s involvement with Spider-Man. Venom 2 being another production by Sony, we expect Spider-Man to show up this time.

Venom 2: Spider-Man And Venom History

Sony's Enigma 2021 Marvel Film: Release Date And Spider-Man Spin-Off Connects To Venom 2.

According to the comics, the superhuman share quite a fascinating history. Another exciting addition is how the encounter can help both Spider-Man and Venom in their stories.

We think that there can be a possible showdown between our Spider-Man and Venom. This showdown can also be an activity initiated by Carnage.

Another theory can be that Spider-Man and Venom can work together to solve their problems.

With Spider-Man identity revealed to the public wrongly by Mysterio and Venom (Eddie) being our inquisitive journalist, Peter can get help from him to clean his image.

Venom 2: Sony’s Take On The Spider-Man Cameo

Sony's Enigma 2021 Marvel Film: Release Date And Spider-Man Spin-Off Connects To Venom 2.

Sony being Sony is not giving the public any official news. Just like Sony’s PlayStation 5, we are hanging with rumors regarding Spider-Man’s cameo in the upcoming Venom movie.

However, knowing that Sony and Marvel are walking hand in hand currently, the rumours about the cameo is not going to die until an official declaration.

Talking about all the possibility of Spiderman showing up, it is also going to be a delight to see Tom Holland on screen.

Venom 2 is going to hit the theatres by 2nd October 2020. Andy Serkis is the director, and we have Kelly Marcel writing the screenplay.