Vengeance Movie: B.J. Novak’s Debut Project Will Bring a Unique Dark Comedy Film!


David Mudd

The Office’s Ryan may very well be B.J. Novak‘s best-known role, but the gifted multi-tasking is putting his debut feature Vengeance movie, into existence. Vengeance movie will appeal to viewers who enjoy Novak’s dark humor, clever writing, as well as a knack for gleefully and irreverently maligning the current atmosphere.

The film is being produced by Blumhouse Production and Divide/Conquer. Jason Blum, the creator of Blumhouse, will produce alongside Adam Hendricks as well as Greg Gilreath.

Executive producing will be done by Leigh Kilton-Smith, Christopher H. Warner, plus Novak. Nicholas Kraft, Jon Romano, as well as Jennifer Scudder Trent are co-producers.

Despite the film‘s focus on a violent killing, Novak still occasionally tells funny tales, for which he is well known. According to the film’s description, it is a darkly humorous thriller that blends Novak’s hilarious absurdity with a chillier subject matter.

So let’s see how much we already know about the Vengeance movie.

What Will Be the Release Date of the Vengeance Movie?

Vengeance movie

It was revealed in March 2020 that B. J. Novak will indeed write, direct, as well as star in the Vengeance movie. Around March 2020, Albuquerque, New Mexico, saw the start of principal photography; however, the COVID-19 epidemic forced a hiatus in production. Then, in 2021, filming started again.

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On June 12, 2022, the movie got its screen for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival. Furthermore, Focus Features will formally premiere the movie on July 29, 2022, across a few US theatres.

What Do We Know About the Storyline of This Upcoming Dark Comedy?

Vengeance movie

Novak seems to have had a successful career in tv as an actor, writer, producer, as well as director. He has been well for his work on The Office as well as The Mindy Project.

His debut major motion picture is Vengeance movie. In addition to acting as the movie’s star, Novak additionally acted as the script’s author.

A journalist, as well as a podcaster from New York named Ben Manolowitz, discovers that Abilene, with whom he had started having romances, was discovered dead according to what appears to have been an opioid overdose.

The New Yorker visits her West Texas hometown and finds up an entirely new universe and a cast of individuals that encourage him to stay a little longer than anticipated.

Even though Ben believes Abilene’s cause of death was very obvious, her friends and family generally believe she was killed. He grows increasingly certain that there is a tale to be told about the circumstances of her enigmatic death the longer he stays in Texas.

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Ben, however, refuses to simply participate in a high-stakes, gun-toting search. Rather, he changes the narrative and transforms the investigation together into a podcast.

Ben becomes hesitant to embark on the assignment at hand because there are no leads or indications that Abilene’s death would have been the result of a murder, however, he soon discovers that perhaps this is a conspiracy to cover up an investigation after all.

Ben begins to unravel a complicated web of deceit and mystery as he captivates himself in the community to better fit in. This leads him down the same path to learning the truth regarding Abilene’s death.

Ben as well as his new friends embark on such an eye-opening odyssey that would only originate from B.J. Novak’s imagination as they pursue the truth.

Who Will Be Seen as the Main Cast in the Vengeance Movie?

Vengeance movie

What we should anticipate from a movie are the great performers as shown in the teaser for the blockbuster. At first, we have the main guy B. J. Novak in the role of a Protagonist, Ben Manalowitz, then we have Boyd Holbrook portraying the character of Ty Shaw, and Dove Cameron in the role of Kansas City Shaw.

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Then we come to Issa Rae who was seen as Eloise, Ashton Kutcher playing the character of Quinten Sellers, Isabella Amara will be seen as Paris Shaw, J. Smith-Cameron portrayed the role of Sharon Shaw and Lio Tipton will be seen in the role of Abilene Shaw

John Mayer will be seen as  John, Elli Abrams Bickel will be portraying the role of El Stupido Shaw, Louanne Stephens will be playing the character of Granny Carole Shaw, and Zach Villa will be seen as Sancho.

Trailer of Vengeance!

Let’s enjoy these amazing characters through the trailer of Vengeance movie.


What is the IMBD rating of the Vengeance movie?

The IMBD rating of the Vengeance movie is 6.5/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the movie?

The estimated runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 34 minutes.

What is the Vengeance movie’s age rating?

The MPA rated the movie R for “language and minor violence” on June 29, 2022.


Vengeance appears like it’ll deliver a comedy blow despite putting spectators just on edge of their seats owing to an ensemble of outrageous characters portrayed by most of the finest in the industry, Novak’s great writing, and his ability to combine two categories.