Vanessa Bryant Dating: Is Kobe Bryant Spouse Dating Somebody?


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Vanessa Bryant, the widow of the late ball legend Kobe Bryant, has been in the public eye since her husband’s demise in January 2020 in a helicopter crash.

After north of 18 years of marriage, Vanessa and Kobe were viewed as perhaps of the most notorious and beloved couple in the games world. With Kobe’s passing, the focus moved to Vanessa and her children as they explore existence without him.

One inquiry that has been on the personalities of many is the secret behind Vanessa’s dating life. All things considered, she was married to Kobe for near twenty years and the couple had four children together.

Notwithstanding, data about Vanessa’s own life is scant, and she has been private about her relationships since her husband’s passing.

Who Is Vanessa Bryant Dating at Present?

As of late, Vanessa has been freely connected to a couple of characters sincerely. She was supposed to have been dating altruist and previous long-lasting partner of Kobe, Derek Fisher.

They were spotted sitting together and talking at the WNBA Elite player game in 2021 which ignited a great deal of bits of gossip. Be that as it may, Fisher is already married to Gloria Govan, which makes the entire dating point nothing however void talk.

Vanessa has likewise been connected to fighter Victor Ortiz. At the point when the Bryants were thinking about isolating in 2011, Victor was solidly busy consuming bits of hearsay about him and Vanessa dating.

Nonetheless, Ortiz himself marked these bits of gossip as misleading. He even proceeded to say that he had never been in a similar room as Vanessa. After Kobe’s sad end, Victor allegedly offered his appreciation, yet that was essentially it.

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In spite of bits of hearsay and hypothesis about her dating life, none have been affirmed by the Bryant family or Vanessa herself. The focus of Vanessa’s life has been on her three leftover girls and keeping her husband’s inheritance alive through various undertakings like the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Establishment.

Regardless of the absence of data about her own life, obviously Vanessa is still lamenting the deficiency of her husband and her need is on her loved ones. The deficiency of Kobe was destroying, not exclusively to Vanessa and their children yet additionally to the whole ball local area and fans all over the planet.

Vanessa Bryant Dating

Following his passing, Vanessa has been open about her battles with sorrow and how she is adapting to the deficiency of her husband.

In the long stretches of time to come, Vanessa might decide to open up more about her own life, including any likely close connections.

Up to that point, the focus stays on her children and safeguarding Kobe’s inheritance. Whether she decides to date or not depends on her, and general society ought to regard her protection and the decisions she makes in her day to day existence.

She Keeps Her Own Life Hidden Focusing on Her Life!

Vanessa Bryant has been a praised spouse and mother and keeps on consuming a time on earth of protection, particularly after Kobe’s passing and the troublesome time the family went through. She has frequently been connected to focusing on motherhood the most, as proposed by the ongoing reports and sources about her.

There has been barely any substantial proof that joins Vanessa Bryant with any men right now. There have been tales, no one has been sincerely connected with her.

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Her hushed way to deal with the matter recommends that she possesses less energy for dating and appreciates motherhood the most. Since the misfortune that struck the family, she has been connected with Derek Fisher-a previous NBA player.

She has additionally been connected with fighter Victor Ortiz. Subsequent to this, there have been no substantial reports of this news being valid.

Vanessa Bryant Went to Terrible Rabbit Show!

Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, lived it up going to a Terrible Rabbit show at SoFi Arena in Los Angeles.

TMZ detailed that Vanessa, joined by a unidentified companion and her safety officers, watched the show from a celebrity suite that expense around $25,000.

Vanessa Bryant Dating

Vanessa and her companion partook in the show, singing and moving to the music. She even posted a video on her Instagram account showing her view of the presentation. Terrible Rabbit welcomed Vanessa to the show and honored Kobe with a melody devoted to him.

Terrible Rabbit, who respects Kobe Bryant, composed the tune “6 Rings” as a recognition for the late ball legend. Vanessa shared two photographs on her virtual entertainment profile with the vocalist and said thanks to him for welcoming her to the show and for the contacting recognition for Kobe.

Vanessa Bryant lived it up at theRabbit show, partaking in the celebrity treatment and the recognition for her late husband. The photographs and video she shared via virtual entertainment show the amount she valued the experience. Terrible Rabbit’s recognition for Kobe was a fitting recognition for one of the best ball players ever.

Vanessa Bryant: Who Is She?

Vanessa Bryant, an American compassionate, corporate trailblazer, and design model, has been standing out as truly newsworthy for her outstanding accomplishments.3

Known for her marriage to the late b-ball legend Kobe Bryant, Vanessa has acquired monstrous prominence in ongoing years.Building on their shared enthusiasm for charity, the couple established the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Association in 2008. This not-for-profit plans to give partnerships to oppressed minority understudies across the globe.

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Through their endeavors, they have influenced the existences of incalculable people, assisting them with accomplishing their scholarly dreams.

Aside from her helpful undertakings, Vanessa is likewise a pioneer in the corporate world. She presently fills in as the President and Chief of Marble Pictures, a film creation organization that has delivered different fruitful movies and Television programs.

Vanessa Bryant Dating

Be that as it may, Vanessa’s achievements don’t end there. Out of appreciation for her late husband and little girl, Kobe and Gianna, she established the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Association.

This non-benefit association means to help young competitors from financially hindered foundations, furnishing them with potential chances to succeed in their picked sports.


Vanessa Bryant was brought into the world on May 5, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, and in 1999, when she was just 17, she met Kobe Bryant, and the two began a relationship that would last the remainder of his life.

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