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Valve: Valve To Hold Another Steam Game Festival For Indie Games This Summer

There is a piece of good news for all the gamers out there! Valve is going to hold another steam game festival for indie games this summer. This is exceptionally exciting considering the atmosphere right now.

So this is like a gush of cool wind for people who have been tensed for a long time now. Due to the pandemic, people have been in a bad state. But after this, everyone has upped their spirits and they are ready for new challenged.

They are waiting for this event with full enthusiasm. So, keep reading to find out more details about this. You can be sure to be surprised!


What Will Happen In The Steam Game Festival?

This event is back this summer. Now it will be focusing on the indie games. Valve will be starting to give out application forms for this. So, you can fill them to register by the 24th of April.

The players will be given varied chances to enjoy the most of this event. They can be a part of the festival. For that, they can try short demos and experiences od the games. Some people can also be lucky enough to meet the developers of the games.

Now, this is something really exciting. You should make sure to enroll as fast as you can. You don’t want to miss out on this event.

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When Will It Be?

This event is scheduled for this summer. It will go on from the 9th of June. It is tentative to end on the 14th of the same month. And this is very close now.


So everyone is psyched. You should go on the official portal of Valve and associate for reminders regarding the event. They can come in real handy. And they will ensure that you don’t miss it.

More About The Event (Valve)

This game festival has started in December. Each time they highlight a different set of games. They had then focused on 14 games over 2 days. Then, there was another event in March.

But the conference was canceled later. However, they promised a new event to be there soon. And here is it. So, make sure that you make the most out of it. Stay updated for more information.


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