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Valorant: New Ascent Map Leaked, Expected To Have Venetian Theme


David Mudd

Valorant might be about to get a new map soon if we’re to believe the results of a recent data mine. Developer Riot Games must be pretty happy with the number of players they’re seeing so far, so they might be considering adding in some variety to keep players interested.

Valorant Data Mine Shows Fourth Map

The game currently has three maps already. They’re called Haven, Bind and Split. However, Reddit user u/UlfricTheThird found evidence of a fourth map in the game’s files. They even found a name for the map, along with a bunch of other exciting information.

They posted their results on the r/Valorant subreddit, and there’s a decent chunk of information to dig through. Here’s what it says.

“I have been doing some data mining and I have found some information on the new map code named “Ascent”. I’ve learned that it takes place in Italy, as there is a lot of Italian writing on the textures (3).”


Map Has Similarities To Venice

The post continue, saying, “I think it is in Venice because some of the textures reference a canal. There is also a gondola texture (5/7). 2 shops in the map are named baitshop and boatshop in the files. The street lamps have the same style that the street lamps in Venice have, but I don’t know if thats just a style across Italy. There is also scaffolding models and textures in the files.”

They’ve even included what appears to be a layout for the map itself. From the looks of things, it seems to have a shorter path from A to B on one side, and a longer path on the other. And based on the textures they’ve found, the look of this map seems to be Venetian.

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Previous References To Venice In Valorant

The references to Venice add a lot more credibility to this leak. We’ve seen references to this city in the game’s lore before. In a tweet on Valorant’s official Twitter page, they share a trailer which shows footage of fights going on in Venetian streets. On top of that, an artist who worked on Sage’s character design shared an image that had the text “Episode 1: Rise Of Venice” written on it.

This makes it highly likely that everything in u/UlfricTheThird data mine is absolutely true. It may be a while before Riot Games actually releases this map, though.


As of right now, Valorant is still in the closed beta phase. It started on April 7, 2020 and will likely continue until the game’s Summer 2020 release. The closed beta is available on PC.