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Valorant: Game Makes You Watch Before You Play-Potentially Changing Online Gaming Scene


David Mudd

“Valorant” is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Riot Games.  The game is released on Microsoft Windows in this summer, with a closed beta which launched on April 7, 2020.

Features Of Valorant Game:

Valorant is an extraordinary 5 vs 5 character-based shooters set, in a near-future of Earth. We can find around 10 characters at launch. All these characters came up with four unique abilities. Among four, two are to buy with money earned in rounds, at the same time you buy weapons and armor.

Once got up with a character, you will go crazy with the game in all 24 rounds. There will be an unexpected death in the event of a tie. Currently, there is only one main mode: Bomb defuse. Just like in Counter-Strike, one team must plant a bomb at a bomb site while the other team defends.


Though the abilities seem inspired by Overwatch, Valorant has some key distinctions that make it a lot more like Counter-Strike. For one, each character’s “ultimate” ability has an extremely long cooldown that can last multiple rounds, so you won’t be constantly firing wall-piercing arrows, laying trip mines, or triggering poison-cloud ambushes.

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The game allows users to buy different guns for every level. To win the next level the usage of new guns needed. In addition to it, some secondary abilities also available on the game. These are in a limited number of charges. But Valorant’s combat emphasizes skilled gunplay more than high-powered abilities.

Headshots will almost always be a one-hit kill, while most rifles will kill characters with three to four shots to the torso. Expect firefights in Valorant to be fast. The game brought a lot of freshness to the game lovers and brought many more real features.


The game is made available to almost every PC user, with Microsoft platform as the main roof. Since the game is entirely free to play, many game lovers can’t take off an eye on this game. But, the game also provides users to buy some cosmetics which will increase the styling feature of the game.