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Vagrant Queen: SyFy Releases First Episode Of Vagrant Queen For Free To Stream


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Vagrant Queen: All the new upcoming movies and shows are being delayed due to CoronaVirus. All the countries around the world are asking people to stay away from the crowded place and go into self- isolation. There is an environment for fear and terror everywhere. The fatal spread of COVID-19 has left many dead in the last couple of months.

But, don’t you worry, because SyFy has good news for all of us. Fortunately, there is still entertainment out there for those bolted up at home; SyFy is releasing the first episode of the new show Vagrant Queen for free. The series is based on Vault comic by Magdelene Visaggio.

Vagrant Queen

About The Show Vagrant Queen

Elida constructed an actual life as a forager and fugitive, yet when an old toxic acquaintance, Isaac, turns up with news about her tragically deceased mother, she is compelled to come back to her shattered kingdom with Isaac and Amae to rescue, before a lethal youth adversary, Leader Lazaro, discovers them. Jem Garrard creates the show.


Adrian Rae is giving her voice for the main character Elida. Elida is a true anti-hero, the main character. She is the LGBTQ+ heroine of colour that takes no hostages. By reading the comic book, it is sure that it fits in for a video game. Given below is a list of the other characters who are there in the show

Tim Rozon as Isaac
Alex McGregor as Amae
Paul du Toit as Commander Lazaro

Release Date Vagrant Queen

Vagrant Queen

Recently, SyFy has announced that this grand adventure series will be available to air on their official website. The first episode aired on March 27th, 2020. It isn’t live on the site just yet, but it should be available for everyone to watch soon.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then you are missing out on something big.

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