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V Wars: Vampire Diaries Star Ian Somerhalder’s Show Has Been Cancelled By Netflix


David Mudd

V Wars is not returning for another season. This is a sad moment for those fans who have awaited this show to come back. However, Netflix has canceled this show now.

So, the show starring Ian Somerhalder will no longer air now. The show stands canceled after its first V Wars season. This show was also inspired by a series of stories.

Published in 2012, this show features a drama series. It is also based on vampires. So, it might have delighted many people.

However, not many people watched it. So, it is not returning for another V Wars season. Keep reading to know more about the series.

The Story Of The Show

V Wars

The show is a vampire drama. It features Ian Somerhalder. He enters into this horror world when his best friend is affected by a weird new disease. Michael Fayne, his friend, turns into a predator who hunts and feeds on humans.

This disease spread eventually. Also, more people got transformed by this. So, people naturally grew to oppose the ‘vampires’. Dr. Luther Swann needs to keep the situation under control.

He also has to understand what is going on. In this quest, he somehow becomes the leader of vampires. This show was quite interesting. Everyone appreciated Somerhalder’s role in the show.

His portrayal was amazing. This was another show based on vampires. He has also appeared in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ as Damon Salvatore earlier.

Ian Somerhalder In Talks For Another Show

V Wars

Ian Somerhalder is in talks with Netflix to fabricate a new show. They are conversations to create another drama starring Somerhalder.

This will for sure engage his fans. Also, he is very excited to appear on Netflix again. So, they will collaborate for another show soon. Until more updates, stay tuned.

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More About The Series V Wars

V Wars show was produced by High Park in association with IDW. This is the same publishing that had first released the stories. It has Eric Birnberg and Thomas Walden as the showrunners.

The pilot episode was shot by the executive producer of the show. Brad Turner was an important member of the team of executive producers.

Others include James Gibb for Marada Pictures and High Park, with David Ozer and Ted Adams for IDW Entertainment.

V Wars