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Utah: 122 New COVID-19 Cases Arise, Two More Deaths In Utah,Plans For A ‘Soft’ Reopening By Early May


David Mudd

 Utah makes plans for ‘soft’ reopening by early May amid coronavirus outbreak

Is It Worth Doing?

Utah, a state in the West United States, is the first one in the whole of North America, to announce a ‘soft’ reopening amidst the deadly pandemic.

A time where social gatherings could downright take our lives in no time, so brutally so that we wouldn’t even be allow to be seen by our families on our deathbeds, Utah comes off as a fighter.

Fighting or being plain stubborn? That too, irrespective of the fact that you could get hundreds of people sick altogether.

And this news comes right after the state had announced infections of around 20 more civilians.

The state already has around about 2800 cases so far. I don’t see any good reason as to why they’d start normalcy THIS soon.

If anything, the citizens are only dreading the every-increasing contamination, which will undoubtedly start doubling itself once they’re given liberty to lead a normal life.

What Does This Mean


Governor Gary Herbert talks about the eventual re-opening of the parks, restaurants and malls.

He went on to talk about the fact that every place should maintain a proper distance between customers so as to not let any mishap arise.

The most terrifying thing was Herbert saying that he knows the virus is going to stay for another 24 months and that we can’t just stay back home and act safe.

He said it was high time they restart the economy. After a probable discussion with President Trump, Utah has come to the decision of reopening a few places.

Herbert spoke about a few tricks by which they can keep the virus afar.

When it came to public eating, he assure that each and every restaurant in Utah would be taken care of, the floors would be heavily mop and the owner as well as the staff would be gear with masks and gloves.

Restaurants and Eateries should be allow for takeaways, and not more than 8 people should be allow to sit, that too at a distance of precisely 6 feet away from each other.

Soft Reopening Means (Utah)

Herbert said the mass had wanted this action to come into force since a very long time, and he is expecting everyone will follow the rules and live a life, close to normalcy.

All in all, soft reopening only means that businesses will reopen but with a lot of hygiene maintenance.


Restaurants and parks would take plenty of health and sanitation directives into effect.

Let’s hope the red zones out there, turn not into orange, but yellow, in no time!



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