Everything You Should Know About The USFL—The New Spring Football League


Sandeep Singh

The next NFL regular season game isn’t for another five months, but professional football returns this weekend with the debut of a new league with a recognisable name to sports fans: the United States Football League (USFL)—here’s what to anticipate.

The 2022 USFL season begins off Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time with a game between the Birmingham Stallions and the New Jersey Generals, which will be nationally aired on both Fox and NBC for the first time since 2007.

All regular-season games in 2022 will be played in Birmingham, Alabama, with playoff games in Canton, Ohio, comprising of two semifinal games in late June and a championship game on July 3.

The league staged a draught in late February, filling rosters mostly with players who were starters on their college teams but have yet to make it in the NFL, which means that most of the players will likely go unnoticed by casual viewers.

How much do USFL players make?

Overall, USFL players who play the whole 2022 season on an active roster may expect to earn between $45,000 and $75,000, depending on club performance. In comparison, the NFL’s league minimum wage for the 2022 season is little more than $800,000.

Where are the USFL games played?

Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama, will host all four games. Tickets may be purchased on the USFL website.

New Professional Football League

Following in the footsteps of the short-lived Alliance of American Football (AAF) and, more recently, the resurrected XFL, the United States Football League (USFL) is ready to become the third professional football league to attempt to fill the void left by the NFL when it begins play this spring.

While neither the AAF nor the XFL were able to complete a full season, the USFL is hopeful that a dose of nostalgia mixed with substantial financial backing and television partners will generate different outcomes when the league kicks off its season in mid-April. Here’s all you need to know about the USFL’s new incarnation. For More Information Visit BloggingBigBlue

What happened to the original USFL?

Originally a spring/summer league, the USFL planned to compete directly with the NFL for the 1986 season by shifting games to the fall, a tactic championed by a group of owners led by future President Donald Trump, then the owner of the New Jersey Generals. However, it never happened since, following the 1985 season, the bulk of the existing clubs suspended operations for financial or other reasons, and the league closed its doors altogether in August 1986.

The USFL also sued the NFL, bringing a historic antitrust action against the league, claiming that the NFL had developed a monopoly over television broadcasting rights. The trial began in April 1986 and was well reported. The six-person jury eventually delivered a judgement that gave the USFL a victory but also signalled the end of its existence.

The jury found the NFL to be a “duly adjudicated unlawful monopoly,” but dismissed the USFL’s other arguments, including that the older, more established league did not seek to block its opponent from obtaining broadcast rights. In summary, the jury determined that, while the NFL’s unlawful monopoly on professional football affected the USFL, the league’s problems were caused by its own mismanagement.

Damages of $3.76 were granted to the USFL. After putting the league’s future on the outcome of the case, expecting for a sizable payout that would fund the league’s operations in the future, the owners opted to postpone the 1986 season on Aug. 4, 1986, four days after the verdict was announced. Despite plans to return the next year, the league experienced significant financial and court-related losses and never resumed activities, eventually collapsing in 1990.

How can I watch USFL games?

FOX, NBC, USA Network, and FS1 are the USFL’s broadcast partners. All 43 games of the first season will be televised, with FOX Sports and NBC Sports serving as official broadcast partners. FOX Sports will broadcast 22 games, with 12 on FOX and the rest on FS1 . NBC Sports will split its 21 games across NBC , USA Network , and Peacock, its streaming service.