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5 Uses of Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy

Molecular Spectroscopy is partly done by creating your everyday medicines, improving technologies for health and chemical laboratories, and your favorite food and drinks.

It may seem overwhelming, but this brief overview can help you understand and appreciate what this process and study have done continuously. Go ahead and learn more as you read along.

What Is Molecular Spectroscopy

This is a study wherein molecules and atoms of a chemical are studied. When these interact or combine, you may now investigate the electromagnetic radiation it produces through the absorption pattern.

It is known to have three major areas: Raman, fluorescence, and Infrared. With the help of this study, you now have a better grasp of the chemical’s very structure, which includes:

  • The rigidity of the bonds
  • Rotation of the bonds
  • The bond length of the chemical bond
  • Electronic configuration of the atom: Ground or the Excited States.

Milestones of Molecular Spectroscopy

Several advancements in molecular spectroscopy have been noted in many fields and have changed how it is done. The directions being taken by the different factions of life and society are now made better.

Many continuous academic research and developments are being done to molecular spectroscopy to move past errors and limitations. With this, it has proven useful for many sectors, such as:

  • Medical and Pathology
  • Biological and Environmental
  • Clinical Diagnostics and Research
  • Energy and Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Materials Testing
  • Omics and Genomics.

How Molecular Spectroscopy Is Used

Agilent molecular spectroscopy perfectly incorporates this particular process into other fields of science for advancements and continuous improvement of the study.

It is also beneficial for you to know what exactly it does and how it is used in the bare before it is incorporated further into other processes or studies. For your reference, here’s how it goes:

1. Measuring Molecule Mass

This is your way of knowing the weight of each atom in the chemical present. This is needed to analyze the results of any experiment you are doing that involves numerous compound elements.

2. Investigation of Atoms in the Ground State and Excited State

The ground state is the lowest energy possible or normal state to have for atoms. If it is in higher energy, it is exciting.

It is deemed good to know these things as spectroscopy relies on different energy states of atoms. This way, better application to other studies and processes can happen.

3. Identification of Velocity and Temperature of Objects in Space

Everything you know about space and beyond is partly because of the accurate measurements done with the objects in space and all the chemicals and matter in them.

The correct information is relayed to fellow scientists making this study to improve it using molecular spectroscopy.

4. Measures Bond Length and Angle of Molecule

With molecular spectroscopy, different processes and fields of science can now better determine bond angles and distances of the atoms to their nuclei.

Knowing these are important, so that accurate and safe development is continued in the incorporated study’s result.

5. Finding Unknown Chemical Composition and Material

Perhaps the most amazing thing molecular spectroscopy can do and contribute to life and everything included in it. You can now better understand an unknown chemical and its material.

You will be able to know what this can do and what it needs to deliver what is expected of it. You now hold the credit and historical data for naming and discovering a new and unknown chemical through it.


Knowing what use and the advancements molecular spectroscopy has contributed in different sectors of studies and processes, an appreciation for its study is given.

Understanding how the techniques it started had gone through the years can allow more possible advancements and continuous improvements to everyday human endeavors you are a part of.

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