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USA, Coronavirus: The OutBreak Fear Triggers Panic-purchasing Of Guns In US

The Coronavirus outbreak makes the whole world terrorized. WHO declared it a global pandemic on 16th March. The nations are panic-stricken now. The whole world is trying to stand up against the pandemic. But we don’t know when exactly we are going to be free from this situation. The situation in the USA is getting out of control. People are panic-purchasing guns there.

Coronavirus Pandemic

As we know, SARS-CoV-2 Is the main reason for COVID-19 sickness. The world found out about this virus in Wuhan, China. Now it’s creating a worse situation than before because it spreads rapidly. Doctors and researchers from across the globe are trying to find out a permanent solution. But this long-term procedure requires time.


Coronavirus Situation In USA

World Health Organization declared Europe as the new epicenter of the outbreak. But we can call New York City is the epicenter in the USA. More than 82,000 people reported positive to the coronavirus in the USA. It surpasses the tally of infections in China and Italy already. The death toll rises to 1200 which made the government more anxious.

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The Outbreak fear Triggers Panic-purchasing Of Guns In the US

The situation in the US seems to become violent. People are frequently purchasing guns out of Coronavirus fear. Sales rates are increasing mainly in North Carolina, Texas, Florida, New York, etc. Firearm checks reached 797,221 from 21st February to 1st March which is the third-highest level since 1998. People are buying firearms because they are not feeling secure anymore under government protection.


The owner of the Hyatt Guns said that public purchasing guns like target guns and AR-15 semi-automatic assault-style rifles. That means they only want to protect themselves and their families. With this condition, a relevant question is also rising. What about public security? This rapid buying of firearms increases the risk of violent acts across the country as well. Even domestic safety is facing a big question mark too. The US government needs to take a step as soon as possible.

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