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US Elections, Super Tuesday: Joe Biden Moves Up The Race


David Mudd

The US elections are getting exciting with every passing week. We still don’t know who is winning and why. There are candidates like Barnie Sanders and Donald Trump; on the one hand, and then there are candidates who surprise up like Joe Biden. This super Tuesday came with good news for Joe Biden. He has moved up the race in the US presidential election.

US Elections

Joe Biden Says He Is Not Dead Yet:

After the declaration that he has moved up the ladder on Tuesday, Joe Biden said “I’m above the ground.” in Los Angeles the morning of Super Tuesday. Joe Biden is the presidential candidate from the Democratic party. He said “You’ve not buried me yet.” he said all this with a crooked grin on his face.

It was evident that he was super happy and proud of himself that morning. It was looking like he is not going to win, but the hopes came back to life. 3rd of March was a happy day for the members of the Democratic party.

First was the news of Joe Biden moving up the race and then Bernie Sanders in the delegate count, these were two of the biggest prized for the Democrats on the Super Tuesday.

US Elections

Barnie Sanders or Joe Biden:

After these results, it will be interesting to see who will be the party’s nomination between Barnie and Joe. Joe was a former Vice President with great support among all the moderates, and he is an African American and a Democratic Official.

Sanders, on the other hand, is an independent socialist, he was in the army, and that part has diversified this election cycle to include the Latinos in the scope.

Joe Biden’s Allies Would Want This Momentum To Continue:

After the result on Super Tuesday, all the supporters of Joe Biden will pray that this momentum continues and Barnie Sanders fades away.

That is the only way he can be the only candidate fit for the post of President. We don’t know what is going to happen next, but whatever happens, it is clear that Donald Trump is not coming back.

US Elections

After his visit to India, Donald Trump has provided to of content to the community of Memers. We don’t know he will stay the President or not, but memes will always remember him.