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Upload Season 2: Plot| Release Date | Platform

Upload is an American sci-fi comedy-drama series created by Greg Daniels. The series shows a future world where instead of normal death the consciousness of people could be uploaded into virtual life. The show tells about a virtual post-death which is much like a digital service. Upload Season 2  is a must watch!

Before we take you further into the show, here is a little trivia. Did you know that Greg Daniel the creator of  Upload and Michael Schur the creator of A Good Place are old friends and they both pitched their ideas on the same day? At that time The Good Place got the shot and Daniels had to wait a little longer and finally got his chance in 2020.

The show has already launched its first season and the second season is confirmed. Read on to know more about this series, release date, cast and everything that happened here till now.

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The Season 1 

The story is set in the world of 2033, where extreme levels of technological advancement control most parts of life.

Nathan, the male protagonist of the story, meets with a fatal accident. When he is in hospital his rich girlfriend Ingrid suggests uploading his consciousness and in a way preserve him virtually. Nathan gives his consent and he is uploaded to Lakeview, the digital heaven and the plot thickens. 

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Why should you watch Upload Season 2 

showcasing a glimpse from season 1 of the upload
Featuring a still from Amazon Original Upload!

Now that you know the plot, you might wonder why on earth should you watch a post-death digital world drama Here are our reasons — 

The Feel good effect of Upload Season 2 

There are certain shows which can make you smile no matter how difficult things are around you. Upload is like that. It has little moments which can burden off your shoulders and give you joy. 

Here is an example. So Nora, a customer service provider in Lakeview was in sheer need of good ratings. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot get a good rating from the Lakeview uploads. Then Nathan calls her. When she shows up, Nathan gives 5 stars each time she opens her mouth to speak. Finally a sad Nora smiles. The simplicity of the scene makes you feel happy and peaceful. 

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A Budding of Romance 

When Nathan was uploaded to Lakeview, he met Nora. Nora is his sort of handler and customer service agent. But she is a real person who does this as her real job. Nathan related Nora in a way that he couldn’t with his girlfriend Ingrid. Nora and Nathan develop a bond. It breaks Nora’s heart that they don’t have a real chance if Nathan were alive.

Pure comic and Joyful moments 

featuring nora and nathan from upload season 2
Upload Season 2 is back with Nora and Nathan!

The show has a strong comical approach that can dilute the gravity of moments with funny dialogues. Dylan an eleven-year-old, who was uploaded after he fell into the Grand Canyon, gives Nathan a pep talk. There is a talking dog and weird neighbours. Nathan enjoys this more than he thought he would and he likes it far better than in his previous life. 

There is a murder mystery! 

Apart from the fact that the show is full of moments of innocent, silly and pure joys, it is confirmed that Nathan’s car was tampered with which means there was a clear attempt of murder. Delving further, there seems to be a connection between Nathan’s last incomplete project “Beyond” and his death. 

In addition, there has been a murder attempt on Nora as well.

Upload Season 2

Season 2 has a lot of questions that need answers. First, someone killed Nathan. Who was that? Nora found out someone corrupted some of Nathan’s memory–files. The identity of that person is still a secret. In season 1 Nora confesses her feelings for Nathan and as Fate would have it, at that very moment data runs out and his consciousness is frozen.  A few moments later, he is recharged with new data by Ingrid who reveals that she has been uploaded too. With this super twisted finale, season 2 has a lot of catching do. It seems like the Nora-Nathan ship will face more difficulty.

The Cast of Upload Season 2 

showcasing the cast of upload season 2
Upload Season 2 and its amazing cast!

The ensemble cast of the show includes — 

Release date of Upload Season 2 

On 8 th May 2020 the renewal of the show was confirmed for season 2. Sadly, we don’t have a specific date of release. Due to the covid-19, filming was delayed to a great extent.


Upload is available on Amazon Prime Video


Upload is a sweet and joyful show with an unexpected mysterious side to it. The show makes it point to question the extreme level of dependence on technology and the ethical side of controlling every aspect of human life. 

This show is certainly a worthwhile watch. You can always watch the first season on Amazon Prime Video. Drop your comments below to let us know how you liked the series.

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